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Skyrim, better than Oblivion?
I don't know but many of my friends say that Oblivion is better than Skyrim, Someother say Skyrim is better than Oblivion, What do you think?
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Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion
Overall: Skyrim > Oblivion
Storyline wise: Oblivion > Skyrim
Okey, fun to have answers :)
Gameplay: Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion
Story: Morrowind > Oblivion > Skyrim
Depth: Daggerfall > Morrowind > Oblivion > Skyrim
World: Morrowind > Oblivion > Daggerfall > Skyrim
Graphics: Morrowind > Skyrim > Oblivion (Mods :D:)
Mods: Skyrim > Morrowind > Oblivion

Get Morrowind and play it.

Without mods skyrim is horrible. It's not even an RPG, it's a random Action-Adventure sanbox with boringly colored world.
Okay, thank you for an good answer! :)
Besides arbitrary ranings based on feelings and possibly nostalgia:

Oblivion pros:

World: World is more varied, you get to see Mehrunes Dagon's plane of oblivion, shivering isles, More interesting random encounters, larger variety of NPCs, many more town quests, more varied towns, faction status tracking, better loot, there's an arena, not every faction is in complete dissaray when you join it.

skills: YOU GET TO HAVE ACTUAL CLASSES, better skills (Acrobatics, athletics, blunt, blade (much less restricting than 1hander vs 2hander), cast spells no matter what weapon you're holding, YOU AUTOMATICALLY GET PERKS FOR EACH SKILL, you get ATTRIBUTES which have a significant impact (like increasing carry weight, speed, magicka regen, damage w bows), SPELLMAKING, better enchating system

quests: main quest is actually worth your while,daedric quests are much more interesting, more guild quests (in skyrim mages guild was embarrasingly bad and short),

Skyrim pros: NPCs look better, dual wielding, much nicer dungeons, cooking, smithing, much prettier world, more settlements, a couple more towns, dragons, shouts.

whoever thinks Morrowind has better gameplay i don't know what to tell them except good luck swinging your weapon 50 times and hitting twice.
Oblivion is better than skyrim. The feel and emersion is better.
Skyrim just lacks something, its not very interesting and neither are its cities. Talking with NPCs in oblivion is much better and there is more dialogue. The quest in Skyrim are dull and usually dungeon related where as Oblivion has a ridiculously amazing variety and every quest/ side quest feels fresh.

Another big factor is the magic system, In oblivion using magic feels good, it is capable and you can use a staff for a long period of time. It is powerful and matches the play style of the game very well. In Skyrim its bland, just using the few spells you have and your staff drains its uses in 1 battle.

Then we get faction based quest, Everyone agrees on the fact that Oblivion had much better faction guilds to play and experience over skyrim. ( Oblivion Left, Skyrim Right )
Fighter guild > companions
Mages guild > Mages college ( man the mages college thing sucked, was short and felt bad )
Oblivions thieves guild > Skyrims riften thief's

(The Oblivion Arena > Well, skyrim did not have anything to match sadly..[Out of anywhere to have an arena you'd sure think the barbaric lands of skyrim would have them])

And the all time favorite of most ( not mine )
Oblivions dark brotherhood > Skyrims dark brotherhood.

City environment Oblivion > Skyrim.
Things like stores, in oblivion different stores were really different. You had the best defense,discount spells,Smash N Slash,and Stone wall shields etc.
In skyrim it just seems like you go from 1 blacksmith to another, maybe a trader store here and there. That's it!

Open World Oblivion > Skyrim.
In oblivion walking about there is so much to explore and do, bandit camps to fight or strange happenings in a small village to help with etc.
Basically all skyrim has is
3.bandits in the south
4. Those strange people in the west.
That's pretty much it. Sure there are some small villages here and there just like in oblivion ( less than in oblivion though ) but they don't seem to give much quest and are overall pretty useless to go to.

And don't forget horses, In skyrim buying a horse doesn't feel special, it doesn't seem like a good investment or something you've been saving up for. It takes no thought. See in skyrim there is only 1 bred of horse you can buy, they all cost 1000 and only differ in appearance ( color ) In other words all the horses you buy in skyrim have the same boring slow stats. Where as in oblivion every major city had its own special type of horse, that is a bay horse will be cheap, its not going to be as fast or as tough as a white horse. As such it will cost less too, If you have more money travel to another city and buy the black horse, its the fastest in the game and only the white horse is tougher. And there are other lower class horses such as paint horses etc. All with different prices and different unique stats. This created an immersive feel in Oblivion and made players really think about what they wanted to buy. Where as I said In Skyrim it doesn't make any difference and as such creates a boring environment. ( Oblivions world is larger )

{PS: Skyrim just seems like it lost its soul a little bit, like it didn't have the developers full heart put into it. Matter of opinion I guess}

Creatures. Oblivion > Skyrim.

Oblivion has not only a vastly larger variety of creatures, they are typically more mystical and awesome looking.
Where skyrim took a more boring realistic approach, as seems with their whole design for the game. I like realism don't get me wrong, but Oblivion has something special about its mystical world, It creates a fun environment that you can really get into. Where Skyrim kinda seems like a typical medieval setting and the mystical lore is majorly ignored. You are probably saying ( Dragons! You think dragons are real !?! ) Okay okay, yea skyrim has "mystical" dragons but that's pretty much where it ends, You don't see many flying goblins or ghosts throwing fire at you in Skyrim. Usually its something boring like a bandit or wolves..

Basically Oblivion just feels more mystical if you will.
Skyrim feels more "realistic" despite having dragons I know.

I've mentioned stores, but how about what they carry, In Oblivion merchants would periodically carry special items. They were usually very expensive and powerfully enchanted. If you could save up enough, you could by a seriously awesome weapon which would have a custom name etc.
Whereas in Skyrim for the most part you are buying standard blades from any merchant anytime anywhere. And if you do find a enchanted weapon for sale, its going to have a lame name like "iron sword of flame" and do like 5 pts of fire dmg. That's not even close to the awesome weapons sold in Oblivion.

I can write a whole hell of a lot of stuff to support this, but to save us all times just trust me when I say with

Oblivion implements its lore on a larger scale, you can read important books that are well written and an honestly good read, you can find a note on the floor that would eventually led you on a hunt for some old missing artifact no quest required. You can read about an old building in the woods where something happened. Walk there in game and actually find the house.
Skyrim just missed that mark. It doesn't seem to have much of that type of thing.

Creatures. Oblivion > Skyrim.

Graphics, Stock Oblivion < skyrim
However people don't realize skyrims failure in the graphics department. for one Skyrim has a dark grey tent to everything in the game, making it look dark and gloomy. Which is sad.. ( Mods can adjust the overlay issue I know, and I use them )
Skyrim's distant LOD looks very bad, and you can't see vary far before it looks just plain hidious, and there is akways some kind of far distance fog that blurs anything at a long distance. This ruins out side feel to the game, it just isn't ralistc. Like I said people rarly mention these issues as failues because they are over looked. But fact is Oblivions Looks much better when you are looking at distant land scapes than skyrim.

So, distance Oblivion > Skyrim.

Stock textures Oblivion < Skyrim.
However there are nomouroes mods for oblivion that enchance textures for weapons,character faces,and clothing etc. The end result is with Mods Oblivion will look on par with skyrim. ( In the texture department )
Faces was a big issues for Oblivion. However there is a mod that completely remakes the oblivion textres and they look better than skyrim faces, its a really awesome face lift for the game.

over all, quality of quest, Oblivion > Skyrim

I think I mentioned some of the most important points I have to make.

There are things skyrims does better, for instance combat (that's not to say Oblivions combat sucks) Skyrim adds crafting which is welcome, and many other nice additives.

And guys, I know there is a lot of love for both games so lets not make this a flame war of fanboys. Both games are great and Skyrim is still an awesome top of the line game. But over all Oblivion does make for a better game. But hey! Were all TES fans! And they are both honorable TES titles.

(PPS: How did I forget to mention mods? anyway.

Oblivion has more mods and a lot more higher quality mods
There are definitely some good skyrim mods but oblivion has thousands. Like BBB, now you can play oblivion with full BBB support from clothing to any armor in the game practically. In skyrim its like the community forgot about BBB. That's just one example. Simply due to the vastness of oblivions mods you are going to get more and better armor and clothing mods. As well as player homes etc. (And am I the only 1 frustrated how Skyrim has 2 major body mods that are different and lots of armor mods are for bodies I dont have. its UNP v HGEC. I use HGEC, but there are many UNP armor mods I'll miss out on. Oblivion is all HGEC. )

The well known git."Oblivion with mods is better than Skyrim with mods"

Basically thanks to the vastness of Oblivions modding community you will have a much better modding experience. ( I role with 120 mods in both Oblivion and Skyrim, I know the sorts. )

{ I never played Morrowind, I know its a shame but I plan on getting it and modding the hell out of it. As such I can't yet refrance Morrowind. }
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Long answers! Awesome! This is going to help out alot when i buy elder scrolls games in the future! Thanks!
I'm sure there are some points I missed, I'll try and add on to my post above when I can.
I think Skyrim is better , but the storyline of Oblivion is more interesting
Skyrim feels more natural then oblivion does alsso the pase of the game and the relative free doms of it are slightly improved in skyrim as compared to oblivion.

but all in all both games are amazing yet the diffrence in age is very clear between the 2
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Skyrim feels more natural then oblivion does alsso the pase of the game and the relative free doms of it are slightly improved in skyrim as compared to oblivion.

but all in all both games are amazing yet the diffrence in age is very clear between the 2

I feel less restricted in Oblivion. Skyrim has too many domino quest. ( like markarth )
In Oblivion for the most part I can walk up, get a quest,finish it and be on my way for awhile. But Skyrim rushes you to continue to the next. One after another. Causing un-trained gamers to beat the game too fast.

If you like fast pase games that you beat in a week or 2 then skyrim is your game. but Oblivion you can really sit down for the whole ride.

( Note, I'm only talking about the PC versions of each game. Fully experiencing every bit of either of these games is not possible on a console, or with a console mentality )
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I have not even played oblivion, but skyrim is far from the so called 10/10s its been getting.

There are so many wasted oportunities. The College of Winterhold questline is short and makes less sense than the flying mammoth glitch half of the time. There is no option to join the forsworn even if you SAVE THEIR KING FROM CIDNA MINE. Immensily dissapointing. No option join the vampires of morthal, and take over the hold even is you yourself are a vampire. Nonsensical and dissapointing. And the dialogue options are actually kind of restricted. Like why cant I tell Brynjolf that I want to destroy the thieves guild? Why is there no option to destroy the thieves guild? Why is there no option to join the Silver hand and take out the Companions? Why cant I join the Aldmeri dominion and fight against both sides of the war? Why am I unable to join Alduin and take over Skyrim?

When it comes to quests, you can do basically everything in 1 playthrough. In a game where character customisation is so deep it practically screams "MAKE A NEW CHARACTER. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN". being able to do every quest in 1 playthrough is unacceptable.
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Morrowind > Morrowind > Morrowind > Oblivion > Skyrim

Stanalone, Oblivion is superior by far and Skyrim is mediocre at best. With mods, Skyrim gets pretty damn fun though

Just play Morrowind
I must be an oddball, because I thoroughly enjoyed Skyrim. Sometimes in this forum I feel like I'm the only guy who enjoyed the game.
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