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Crash when I shout.
I started playing Skyrim again after a while, but suddenly everytime I want to shout the game stops, without an error or anything, it just stops. Does anyone know what causes it or how to get rid of it?
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any mods installed?
Yeah a whole bunch of them, don't know which one could cause it though.
YES! YES! I have this exact same problem, it was fine a while back, but i installed a custom race a while back & wanted to use it, so i started a new char, & the first time i shouted, immedate crash to desktop, no error message, no warning, as if shouting somehow told the program to end! Thought it was the new playthrough, but it did it on my old char too!

Think it might have somthing to do with either a lighting mod mishap or the th'um sound file is corroupt, but removing any mods like that didn't do anything (well it took away some pretty light when i cast spells) & the same when i restored the sound file to the original, so i'm at a loss.

It could also be a graphics driver thing, as after an update it was working fine again outside, but when i went in to speak with the greybeards, the same problem came back & after reloading it no longer worked outside. Just ask if you want a list of mods installed, but it'll be long!!
It might be a pain, but some mods require starting a NEW game. Do you CTD when shouting with a new chararcter?
I do, don't know about others, for me it actually started when i started a new char, though i think that's just down to timing.
check if everything is alright without mods, that alter/affect shouting
i had this problem, it was a mod that had to do with a sound mod, just unistall any sound mods
I would advise turning only one mod on at a time; look at the mods you have, find what each one alters, then try and load turning them on individually, until you can reproduce the crash. If you can't reproduce it with only one enabled, then enable another one and test, and check with each combination of mods enabled.

Also check that the load order is correct, look at the pages of the mods, they often tell you what other mods to load in front of or behind them, and compatibility errors.

This is the easiest way to troubleshoot, though it takes time.
Ok, so i've fixed mine & this should work for most of you too if you're having the same problem & have a lot of mods. Some mods can't run in the the game "vanilla", they utilize a tool called Skyrim Script Extender, otherwise known as SKSE ( After you download & install it you'll play skyrim through it's modded .exe that just adds on more scripting support, NOT via the standard way, don't worry about your achevents, they still work as normal.

It fixed mine in a snap, hope you have the same luck, FUS RO DAH!! ;)
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