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Where would you like to live?
Suppose you were transported magically, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, to Skyrim. Several years before the events of the game, so there are no dragons and no Stormcloak revolt. You find it impossible to return to Earth and have to settle down. Where in Skyrim would you like to live?

Call me simplistic, but I would choose Riverwood. It's kind of idyllic and the nearby terrain is very agreeable, nice for hiking (lake, forest, river, waterfalls etc.)

Edit: I've collected the "votes" so far (Nov 10 2013), when more than one site is mentioned I have taken the first. When specific places or dungeons are mentioned, I've tried to place them in the nearest town. Only places in Skyrim qualify.
The vote is pretty spread out, it seems that the different holds have appeal to different people. (Note: Most of those that voted for Winterhold specified that they would live in the college. Makes sense as the town is pretty bleak!) No votes for Riften, Windhelm or Morthal.

Winterhold- 8
Riverwood- 6
Whiterun- 6
Falkreath- 5
Solitude- 3
Markarth- 1
Dawnstar- 1
Solstheim- 1
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I would say "Screw Skyrim! I'm moving to Leyawiin in Cyrodiil!" Then I'd create a band of like-minded Khajiits and make incursions over the border to help my brethren escape from the grasp of the Dominion and reunite Elsweyr. Then I'd live there. Skyrim's just too damn cold.

But I guess if I HAD to choose somewhere inside Skyrim, I'd either go with Falkreath - nice, quite, under Imperial control, and pretty far south - or Solitude - about as close as you can get to Cyrodiil in Skyrim.
I would choose Solitude well fortified, plenty of goods brought in from East Empire company and in time and with enough money I could settle into the court perhaps as a vampire and live a life syle the undead could never have in Volkihar. Class and elegance with a hint of something sinister that lies beneath, that is the place for me. However my ideal vampire is not one of those bloodthristy types (forgive the pun) I would blend in with the mortals and enjoy all that the elite Solitude society has to offer. Discreetly of course, wouldn't want the Dawngruad to break down the door of Proudspire manor durring my morning slumber. Have you ever taken a walk through Solitude at night? Simply breath taking! The Bards college and walls offer some scenic veiws of the country side as well.
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i would say falkreth or solitude buti might try...

Blackreach 0.0
Yeah I think Riverwood would be one of the better places to live or Solitude. If you asked the same about Morrowind it would be hard to chose. There were many great places.
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i would say falkreth or solitude buti might try...

Blackreach 0.0
Good luck with that, say hi to the Falmer for me.

In all seriousness though I could live literally anywhere south of Whiterun, or in the mountains in the Pale (I think that's Dawnstar's hold...)
Winterhold because I like snow.
I think markarth because of the amazing architecture and be an archeologist or something there. Or maybe whiterun because of its central position. Solitude would be pretty nice as well as the HQ of the legion. Im really not sure.
I'd shack up with the companions, become a werewolf and then do quests and have adventures. I'd like to establish a companions outpost in Dawnstar and travel between the two never really settling in one spot for too long.
If it were possible, I'd have a place somewhere along the ocean during the spring and summer months. For fall and winter, I'd have a place somewhere around Falkreath.
The only depressing stuff about this is that I would most likely be useless. a beggar, I Mean honnestly. do annyone of you guys have anny skill in fighting? potion making or tailoríng in real life? I dont., And I never plovn a field or sailed a boat.
Those are skills thats ralely used nowdays.

Non the less, I would like Solitude, or some quiet little town.
Dawnstar- Anywhere in the Pale. Love snow and almost constant cloud cover. A nice gray day is cozy to me. If I couldn't do that, then Riften. :diamonddust:
Akavir for me..Skyrim is a bit boring.
Akavir sounds interesting but the continent does not have any of the same races as Tamriel. Your experience will be quite interesting. Since I am playing as a Imperial right now lets say I pop over to the mysterious lands of Akavir, which by the way no longer has men or mer because the Vampire Snakes ate them all. The Tsaesci I think their called. I suspect no will ever hear from me again once I make land fall in Akavir.
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Riverwood seems nice. And it’s close to Whiterun. So, either Riverwood or Whiterun.
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