The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Roman 2013年11月22日下午9:28
While enchanting a bow...
While enchanting a bow, a random ingenious idea was bestowed upon me. name the bow "May cause knee pain". I wish I'd remembered to take a screenshot of it, but nonetheless felt the need to share this. i lmao'd for like 12 minutes :D.

What other funny weapon names have you come up with?
最后由 Roman 编辑于; 2013年11月22日下午9:30
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barrettsmelley 2013年11月22日下午9:34 
I named my Thrice enchanted dragon slayer sword 'Oatmeal'!! ....
Or at least I would have if I was an enchanter who could Thrice enchant... lol
Biff 2013年11月22日下午10:40 
Razor, toothpick, Blade of Nosferatu, fang, Hmm,....not very funny I suppose. But I liked them.
"Side effects may inlclude..."
LooseyGoosey 2013年11月23日上午1:55 
"but are not limited to"
Krofinn 2013年11月23日上午11:03 
I named my double-enchanted bow "Bow of OPness". Mostly I make double-enchanted "Shoes of Running Fast" with +Stamina recharge and +Stamina.
Biff 2013年11月23日上午11:59 
Now that I think about it, my names were for blade type weapons. Doom bow, death bow, Succubus to be you bow. Shock and stamina damage on all my weapons, soul trap on a blade; Spiritus Dominae.
VoidWaIker 2013年11月23日下午12:55 
i named my ebony bow arrow to the knee and my daggers dovah and kiin and my nightingale sword the dark nightingale rises
Roman 2013年11月23日下午3:45 
hows about "The 'duh' in FUS RO DUH" as a name for a sword or daggar? any funny names for armor? thx for the ideas btw :D
最后由 Roman 编辑于; 2013年11月23日下午3:48
⚜ Heijin Val ⚜ 2013年11月23日下午3:50 
I renamed my new Dragonbow bow and called it "LOLONESHOTUDEAD" ;s
true_blaze 2013年11月23日下午4:17 
A flaming sword called "Burning Sensation Normal"
Biff 2013年11月23日下午4:48 
Armor; I'm Rash Free. Heart On My Sleeve. Thor But Not Complaining.
true_blaze 2013年11月23日下午5:26 
I had a helmet with the water breathing enchantment called "Gasp Caugh gasp gasp"

A lightning enchanted mace called "Thor's Hammer"

A Long Sword called "Over compensating for somthing"
My Daedric Greatsword is named "I Smite Thee"
Roman 2013年11月24日下午2:13 
lol awsome responses

引用自 riffahlc175
Armor; I'm Rash Free. Heart On My Sleeve. Thor But Not Complaining.

I dont get the last one. obviously its a reference to thor, but idk know alot about Thor other than the hat and the big hammer.
true_blaze 2013年11月24日下午4:03 
Say sore but with a th soud at the begining and then you'll get the reference

I once had an enchanted pick called "don't f*** with a miner" but cant remember what i put on it
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