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A Nice Modding Thread That Went To Pot.
My list, and other links/info has moved to greener pastures HERE

Here's my reason for such action
I have deleted my postings on the Skyrim Forum, and most others. This is due to these two Steam Stalkers:



These individuals have nothing better to do with their lives, but to search my "Post History, and attack, criticize, insult or otherwise harass me" I have moved several postings to the above group (including this comment), and resigned from most of the forums that they have tracked me to that Moderators failed in doing their jobs.

After several months of complaints that were ignored by "Forum Moderators" I was finally contacted by a "Global Moderator" that put me in touch of a "Steam Admin/Programmer" that will inject a "No Post History" to my Steam Account.

So now these lifeless individuals can no longer search for my posts, unless they actually find a thread I'm posting on. A "Post History" search will now only include about 18 pages of locked threads that I was a part of. Anything new I post as of September 14th, will no longer be subject to "Post History" reviews by anyone..

So my postings of some 300 pages have been deleted (around 4,500 postings), is now reduced to 18 pages of locked threads for the most part that these individuals can't add to.

It's a shame I had to resort to this, but so be it. I will also search my "Friends List" to ensure none of them are Associated/Friends with either of these two sleazebags that have nothing better to do with their lives.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: 𝕭𝖔𝖇 🐱☕; 2015. szept. 10., 3:36
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Infinachop. It lets you chop wood continuesly without having to restart the act over and over again.
Is there a mod to make organising your enchantments easier? Like during my first playthrough, I found myself picking up the same enchanted robes/weapons etc... over and over again to use on an enchanting table to discover that I had already learned the enchantment, also sometimes I would learn the weakest version of an enchantment and there was no way to 'unlearn' it, so I would love a mod to do those two things :D
I'm already getting carried away by mods lol :$
I wish there was a mod like the glowing books mod where items enchanted with enchantments that you already know glowed, would be soooo useful. I might have a go at making it myself actually.
LOVE this thread & think would be a good idea to get it pinned. Being fairly new to Skyrim(50 hrs) but totally addicted to it (AND modding), i want provide just one link which i found most helpfull for me:
Not a mod but a very comprehensive guide, from which i learned a lot about the potential problems of modding the game. And i have installed maybe 60% or more of the mods being covered by the guide. Worth a look!
Thanks Bob, just done that... report the thread. Felt a bit intimidated by the warning, but WTH!
Mhhh... i might be dumb, but i do not comprehend what you mean with "sharing of mods from our members", sorry. Thought you mean Steam Workshop maybe?
Okay... you may think i am actually dumb: sharing means recommend? Sorry if i bother you.
Ahh... i knew it was misunderstanding you... Okay then: started today with using "Convenient Horses" ( Has a nice options menue, via the MCM plugin.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: ackrueger; 2014. jan. 16., 19:54
Highly recommend this mod. Skyre (Skyrim Redone) Drastically overhauls the game, makes each class and skill tree truly unique, greatly enhances replay value, tons of new perks, no level cap limit, and much more. A must have in my opinion. Best use the mod with a new playthrough.
You did say you were looking for immersion right? This is a good one. Realistic Needs and Diseases - This makes sleeping, eating, and drinking much more important, greatly enhancing immersion. Diseases have a bigger impact, and will get worse if you don't cure it soon enough. I have more mods worth sharing, but I will try to reveal them progressively.
This one is also nice; comes with MCM integration: And i love Realistic Needs and Diseases, the combination of the two forces you to adapt your combat, especially in harsh environment.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: ackrueger; 2014. jan. 17., 9:25
Thanks for the invite, it is a pleasure to browse this thread. I love civilized discussions without bashing or the like. I am similtanously checking the Nexus, even the links for mods i already use. Found a brand new aMidianBook Texture mod for Solstheim:
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