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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Who is your favorite skyrim npc?
We already had a who is the most anoying skyrim npc.
So why not have who is your favorite skyrim npc?
In a land as full of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s as skyrim finding a npc you like is a much bigger challange then one you hate(those are lining up)

So i start.
My favorite skyrim npc?
Her voice is soothing.
No idea why.

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maybe Sheogorath cuz he is mad
CAP 27. pro. 2013 v 12.54 
Gilfe. I always marry her, I have tried others and either they B@*#h about the house (I've seen bigger houses but it is yours so I like it. Condesending Haradin), their greetings get on my nerves (We're so glad to have the claw back where it belongs. Yeah, I heard you the first hundred times and by the way I stole it, it is in a chest in the trophy room.) or they are very unpleasant ( Here's a meal, don't ask me for another until tomorrow.) Gilfre says "It's a beautiful house...", she greets me with "Hello my love, back from some adventure I bet?" (MOSTLY) and "Here this is fresh, I'll have another ready tomorrow." You can buy sawn logs from her 24/7, she takes on Giant and Dragons armed only with her dagger (OK that's kind of foolish) she takes care of the kids but she isn't a complete toady once I came home decked out in my Arch Mage of the College of Winterhold robes and she says" Here for work? Get an axe and bring me all the wood you can chop." She isn't unattractive as game characters go and few a quick console commands she is in Tavern Close and not unpleasant on the eyes.

Edit: Fixed grammar.
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Rorekz původně napsal:
maybe Sheogorath cuz he is mad
Everybody love Sheogorath.
CAP - Same goes for Sylgja (minus the woodcutting part)
I would have to go for Angi. She seems pretty chill as an NPC, even trains you to be a better shot with your bow, then gives her your bow for free.
Naposledy upravil Goldenface; 27. pro. 2013 v 13.22
Cerwiden, a mod follower
shes a healer but not op with it, shes nicely balanced.
saved my bacon more than a few times tho
Frea- potential Skaal follower
She's always reliable upon watching every moment during an skirmish, unlike certain unique followers, she absolutely doesn't complain whatever complacency I've done with the law nor care what the weather is like *CoughSeranacough*, very adept as another fellow Nord companion that dual wields effectively compared to vanilla Skyrim's while poised at time to be a battle maiden as she can heal close wounds to herself and me. with fully tempered/enchanted Dragonscale armor equipped she and I wreck things apart from the usual. Ah only if she was marriagable heh.

Jarl Balgruuf the Ballin'. I shouldn't have to explain why.

I also like Sorine Jurard and Anneke Crag-Jumper.
Hardly any doubt that would be Farkas. Always gets in my way in a battle, has skills followers can't even use, but for some reason, I like him. Actually saved my head a couple of times during the quest with him. And, he has a bar in is room. I can't dislike anyone who chooses to dedicate half of his personal quarters to a bar.
Adrianne Avenicci
she told me how to smith when i arrived whiterun at the begin of the Game... and then she was killed by vampires, so she stuck in my mind.
pro just download no vampire attack mod and no more vampires in citys haah

I like Serana too with mod she can be wife too and she will even kiss you or is it bite you on the neck.
Mjoll, Serana, Adrienne, Frea, Ysolda, Karliah, Aela, and Paarthurnax.
I like Lydia. It's very comforting to hear her say "I've got your back". I tried playing without a follower and got lonely. Of course I installed a mod so that Lydia no longer says "I'm swooooorn to carry your burdens". I'm just going to pretend that when she used to say that she was under a spell from an evil witch. And I gave her an awesome new outfit:
Karliah. A Dunmer Nightingale thief who was wrongly accused of murder and so was hunted by her beloved Thieves' Guild.
M'aiq The Liar.

M'aiq does not understand what is so special about shouting. M'aiq can shout whenever he wants!

M'aiq is tired now. Go bother somebody else.
Grumphy! No matter how many times I see that dog die, another always pops up somewhere (often dying)
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