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I found fix-method headless in TIM mode!
Hello everyone. Do you use tim mode? that's convenience console command!
But tim mode have some problems. If you are killed by enemy sword, you'll have no head. (funny head)
Maybe, headless option is written save data.
But no problem, you can fix save data!

0, Open console and write it
player.removeitem 000DB5D0 1
1, Make save data (Don't wear head cloth) and end game.
2, Download TESV ESS Files Editor by fubrus
3, Open save data at the ESS File Editor
4, Press Player ACHR, press Change flags, decheck "17"!
5, Press other tab (ex, Form ID), press SAVE buttom and press normal. create save data.
6, Start skyrim and load created save data.
7, Make save data in skyrim.
8, Restart skyrim, and load made save data!

If your save data breaks, I cannot take the responsibility, Don't overwrite. haha :D
Have a good skyrim life!
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Casio 2014年4月26日 12時23分 
From all fixes I found on the internet this was the only one that did work perfectly.
Also my voice when I shout is back now!

Great Job !!!
THANK YOU!!! This bug is all over the internet with tons of supposed fixes, but NONE of them worked for me until I found this one. Major karma to you, my friend. :essenceofwater:
Man I love you!
I can't thank you enough! All that supposedly fixes never worked well. Thank you thank you!! :whiterun:
Dude thank you so much!
PK2x4 2015年7月24日 16時28分 
How do you install or use the save editor?
pjk2x4 の投稿を引用:
How do you install or use the save editor?
This thread was made over a year ago... dat necro lol.
As for save editor... The guy provided a link in the original post... try clicking that.
最近の変更はSilamonが行いました; 2015年7月24日 16時47分
PK2x4 2015年7月26日 4時47分 
I have and have downloaded it about 4 or 5 times. After that I cant seem to be able to open it to use
Did yo try it with download with NMM probably that won't work because it is an external program (not to be loaded in skyrim) yep its a normal exe.
最近の変更はSpeedFreak1972が行いました; 2015年7月26日 4時52分
PK2x4 2015年7月26日 5時40分 
I fugured it was external, just didnt know I needed that. Thanks
PK2x4 2015年7月26日 6時25分 
Ok so now I have both the save editor and NMM downloaded and installed but what do I do to access the ESS file editor? (If you couldnt tell im very new to modding games and I dont know a lot of common stuff like acronyms)
gamyng 2016年12月4日 11時18分 
i got a simple "method" but uglier looks :)
i just added a new mod, immersive weapons in my case, and my head appeared, but at closer look it's look like my throat was sliced....cannot put other armors head gear tho. Try it
最近の変更はgamyngが行いました; 2016年12月4日 11時20分
Just use tgm instead if you're going to cheat.

And also, don't necro threads.
Crapott 2017年10月29日 10時27分 
Thanks !!!:steamhappy:
Thank you. u deserve praise!
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