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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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I just wanna display my stuff
There are 13 variations of light armor and 12 heavy, 8 basic weapons of 11 basic materials, not to mention unique items and dlc goodies. I don't know how to mod, so if someone wants to make the collector haven, I know what it needs.
Like the build your own houses, each of the following could be purchased, built, or whatever. The only difference you could get more than one.
- An armory room with 25 Mannequins.
- A weapon room with 50 plaques or whatever number doesn't cause lagging and such.
- A reading room 12 bookshelves or so couple chairs.
- Trophy room 6 Stands where if you collect some parts a critter appears 3 or 4 tables to put loot.
and here's where I think it might get tricky,
- EMPTY shelves. every single house I move into is already so packed with dishes and wooden forks, I can't put good stuff on display.
These could be attached to a central chamber with the normal arcane enchanter, alchemy lab etc. and 9 Mannequins each flanked by 2 weapon racks and a shield plaque overhead for each holds armor and thane weapons.
If this doesn't interest any of the modders already putting out some AWESOME homes, could you point me in the direction to figure it out.

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Jaggarfeld awesome mod on Nexus, be sure to check behind the waterfalls
Check skyrim nexus, there is probabily a house that fits your desires.
Also check out Skyrim Mod of the Week in youtube, it has a lot of indications.
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Hi, if you can do without that specialized Trophy room, heres a house mod that will give you 100 times more of what you want plus shops, followers and guards.
The Huge armory portion of the mod is an addon and there is a link to it's page on the Warehouse page. This place if anything will be more than you want, it's huge!

You will have to search for it but, it is also on the Steam workshop if you don't use nexus. "Dovahkiins Warehouse and Bedroom" Have fun
Oh, and if you do try the Warehouse out with the armory addon, you better start looking at armor and weapons mods to add to your display, because the place has over 900 weapons racks and plaques and over 400 mannequins spread out in 8 different cells
I just began using the warehouse and bedroom, AHHH-MAZING, I'm still getting lost. There is another really good one something museum, just a a bit short on manniquins. Thanks a bunch. I'm still gonna youtube search some how to mod vids. I would like that custom size thing, add as you acquire and what not. Something you have to gather materials to make, so it becomes a mission.
You're welcome. One thing you need to know when you are setting up a display in a large cell/room that has alot of mannequins or weapons racks or you add alot of clutter[misc items] to display is that depending on your pc, you may see a drop in framerate as you get things filled up. It's best to stop adding items once your framerate starts lagging. If your graphics card available v-ram or your ram gets low, you might get a CTD. If that happens go back a couple of saves and don't add anything else to your display. * I have an older pc, Core 2 quad, 4GIG's Ram and only a 1GIG GT240 running Win 7 64bit. In the Warehouse mod I can fill all the displays with minimal frame lag EXCEPT down in the main armory where there are 300 mannequins and several hundred weapons racks. My rig can only handle filling about 1/4 of the main armory displays, so use caution when you try to fill those kinds of large display areas, no matter what house mod you are using. Have fun! OH, you might want to search around the Bedroom portion of the Warehouse, there is a secret room with 3 million in gold and a ton of gems. Heres a hint to find it; Close your eyes as they will deceive you, feel your way around the bedroom and you will find the prize.

Good to know, I currently have like 850,000 in gold and by the way check out the mod for more than 2 enchantments per item. I'm on like my 7th play through and I decided to start using these mods, steam makes it very easy, love 'em love 'em love 'em!
they should have included the museum for you to put all your stuff in at which you can get whenever you wanted, or maybe you had to steal it back, its been a while
It's all gone 12 hours of collecting an dmoving my things and poof. I just went back to add a few newly acquired items and everything is gone. All the the mannequins are naked agian. I'm done time to play something else. That is so soul draining.
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