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Lag when opening inventory, etc., with weapon drawn.
So I've been playing a heavily modded Skyrim for years now. I know the little issues that can crop up from time to time, and how to troubleshoot them (or failing that, starting over).

But this one puzzles me.

I recently pared down the number of mods I use to improve stability, as well as updating the ones I kept, before starting a fresh game. But I've discovered that I get about 1-2 seconds of lag whenever I open my inventory, loot a body, or open the favorites menu.

But only when my weapon is drawn.

Now, I'm not talking about lag when I switch hotkeyed weapons or because I'm carrying too much and SkyUI is doing something bizarre; this literally only happens when my weapon is drawn. It is completely 100% reproducible, without fail. Every. Single. Time. And only when my weapon is drawn. Sheathe my weapon, and the problem vanishes.

As you might imagine, this makes using items or switching shouts during combat tedious and frustrating, and will on occasion crash the game entirely. So, here's the reason for this wall of text: has anyone experienced something similar? Any fixes? My load order is good, I'm using unofficial patches, my game is as stable as can be otherwise (as stable as my system allows it to be anyway). This is vexing.
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spider8itch May 11, 2014 @ 4:14am 
Equipping overhaul did this to me, and I've heard of it doing that in other cases too, so that's probably your culprit.
Charlton Heston May 11, 2014 @ 4:18pm 
Yup, that was exactly the culprit. You just saved me hours of disabling ESPs. Much obliged, sir.
jadesnow Nov 29, 2016 @ 6:51pm 
i have same problem too. i tried this and fortunately fixed it. dont use the alpha build version,, i installed the oldest version of it after uninstalling the alpha.then i start companion quest,,until you become a werewolf for the first time,,,its weird because EO is currently activate in werewolf form basically a werewolf with all your weapons on your back,,,then you back to your race form ..then proceed companion quest until in the cave where skojr died,,suddenly MCM 1 register some mod i not sure which but after that it fixed the problem,,i can loot and access my inventory with no delay with weapon drawn,,smooth now,,its weird but i hope this one helps you,,i have many mods too,,currently running 98mods,,sorry for my english.
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