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Skyrim Crash on startup
Whenever I load up Skyrim, it crashes. It passes through the Bethesda sign and then quickly shows the Main Menu Skyrim Symbol and crashes to desktop. There is no Error code or anything. I uninstalled all the Steam mods that I recently installed before this started happening. I even validated the game and everything and It continued to stay an issue.
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Talonmaster Apr 24, 2014 @ 10:04pm 
Install and use Wyre Bash. If that doesn't turn up anything just reinstall.

Don't just go and uninstall all of your mods at once. Its a waste of time and effort. Boss, wyre bash, and Tes5edit should give you a good idea on what is causing you to ctd.

You should go to the Project S.T.E.P website to find out more about both those tools and modding in general. It will help you avoid these problems it the future.
Meowers Cuddlington Apr 24, 2014 @ 11:24pm 
Does Wyre Bash help with Stam mods because I don't use nexus.
★Kelvy★ Apr 25, 2014 @ 12:06am 
Doesn't matter where you get your mods, its all the same.
BOSS sorts load order and information on problems. Other programs work from this program.
TES5Edit clean file that BOSS indicates maybe having issues (dirty edits etc)
Wrye Bash actually can clean files but mainly used where BOSS say a esm/esp require a bash patch (helps unite master files etc. between esms and esps)
jakethebusker Apr 25, 2014 @ 4:34am 
Bash is absolutley amazing as it goes. It's a thoroughly under rated piece of software. You can do everything you can do with boss and TES5Edit in Bash and more. For the inexperienced user it's pretty good at sorting stuff out automatically for you but if you actually delve into the program a bit more, there's a whole host of feattures that a lot of people don't realise are there.

Sometimes BOSS will not recognise a mod and therefore will not put it in the right place for the load order. A prime example is the SMIM project which is split into five parts. BOSS recognises three parts of the mod but refuses to sort the other parts it doesn't recognise into the right place. BOSS will put the unrecognised mods at the end of the load list, but it stands to reason that although BOSS doesn't recognise all parts of the SMIM project, they should in-fact be loaded in the same part of the load order as the ones it does recognise. This is where BASH comes into it's own and allows you to manually re-order the mod load list, something which should only be attempted by someone who has read the read me and has a good knowledge of load order optimisation. I've not tried the cleaning procedure with Bash yet, but I understand it's as detailed, in that respect, as TES5Edit.

Another thing that bash can do (which other programs can't) is tweak in game settings like fines for crimes, arrow recovery rates, prison times for crimes, number of summons etc etc. I found a tweak that allows a pair of atronachs to be cast without getting the "twin souls" perk from the conjuration tree. I am not sure if with the twin souls perk you'll be able to cast four atronachs and have an army of summons at your side, yet. Also there is the "BAIN installer" that is also included in the Bash program that will allow easy installation of mods tha come from the Nexus or other reputable mod autoring sites. Unfortunately the only feature in the Skyrim Bash that isn't available is cleaning save game bloat. It was available on earlier versions of BASH and MASH but not in this version, which is a shame.

If you're going to get into BASH I recommend getting familiar with it's two readme's. The basic readme will get you organised with the Bashed patch for compatibility issues. The advanced readme is extremely technical but it will get you into the advanced features like installers etc.
Zefram Cochrane Apr 25, 2014 @ 4:45am 
Instant CTD's are usualy caused by a save trying to reference content that no longer exists

Originally posted by Bilbo Baggins:
I uninstalled all the Steam mods that I recently installed before this started happening.

So you had no problems until you installed the mods, then it started crashing or you uninstalled them and then it started crashing?

Use an earlier save from before you installed the mods. You do keep permanent saves, don't you?
Last edited by Zefram Cochrane; Apr 25, 2014 @ 4:53am
Yes I do keep earlier saves but how do i access them when the game crashes before it allows me to choose Continue or load game. Also It was fine until i quit the game and installed a few mods. I checked around and one mod required another mod to use so when I uninstalled it, it strated working. I can understand why this might happen with a mod that requires all the DLC and you don't have them all, but I do have them all so it just happened because one mod required another mod.
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