The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Rinzler 24. apr 2014 kl. 11:35
Thinking about buying. Dont know if i can run it.

I would like to play this game, but i would want "great" graphics. I already have it on xbox360. But i want to try it on pc, IF i can play it with better graphics than the Xbox360 has, and also play with the mods without crashing out alot, like i see alot of people raging on here about. Idk all my specs, im not a huge computer nerd(no offense, im just not a computer guy, i build roofs and repair cars for a living).

Processor: AMD A6-3620 APU With Radeon(tm) HD Graphics.
Memory(RAM) 6.0 GB
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6530D
Gaming Graphics: 2046 MB total available graphics memory (Dirext X Version: 11)
Primary Hard Disk: 782 GBFree(914GTotal)

Manufacturer: Gateway
Model: DX4370G
Memory: 6GB Ram
System Type: 64 Bit OP
Processor Cores: 4

If i need upgrades/suggestions. Suggest them to me, but dumb it down, and type it out fully, and prices if you know them or guess the range. I would appriciate it alot. Thanks!
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You have a desktop, but it is running on an integrated graphics chipset [in other words no graphics card].

This video on youtube shows you can play it on lower settings with the 6530D:

Although, since you have a desktop, you can save-up some money and buy a proper Graphics Card, which will allow you to experience the true SKyrim game.
Rinzler 24. apr 2014 kl. 11:54 
Any idea how much one would run for? Like a good one, what would be a few that would be comptable with mine? Or are they all universal in a sorts?
The AMD A6-3620 APU isn't great but that doesn't matter much.

The Radeon HD 6530D is onboard, you're not going to get very far with that.

6GB of RAM is acceptable although the type and speed matters.

The simpliest I can make this is that you're going want to get a dedicated graphics card. Look up the model of your motherboard, check what slots you have for an expansion. You'll probably have at least one PCIe x16 slot. Check out the link below, there's no point recommending cards without you giving me a price range. Look up a few of the cards listed in your price range and see what people are saying about them. Buy it, put it in your computer. There's lots of video tutorials around on how to do that.
Sorry, I take it back; I just did more research on your computer.

I don't know everything about Desktops, but I see yours is a "mini-tower"; which probably has a smaller proprietary motherboard [maybe no PCI-E slot; or no room to hold a Graphics Card]. It also has a very low-rated Power Supply (300 W); which would require replacing if you could install a new graphics card.

Sorry Grimm. Didn't mean you give you false hope like that. [although I could likely be wrong]

Geez I'm really off my game today. I take back my "take back", if the quoted specs are correct:
2 x PCI Express (x1) slots, 1 x PCI Express (x16) slot, 1 x 5.25" bay, 2 x 3.5" bays

WHat you need to do is open your case and look for a PCI-E-16X slot.
Here's an image to help:

If you do have a PCI-E-16X then you can use a graphics cards.
[Although, you'll probably still need to beef up your PSU].

Let us know if you have the PCI-E-16X slot so we can all celebrate!
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Avatar1971 24. apr 2014 kl. 12:03 
You can see if your PC can run the game here, if it passes green you can run it. This game is a few years old and doesn't require a super powerful system to run it. My friend has runs this game with an integrated graphics card that only has 512MB and it runs great on his machine on the high settings.
Rinzler 24. apr 2014 kl. 12:05 
I can probably spend around 200-350 dollars on it. All im about willing to pay, otherwise ic ould just go and buy one of the new consoles :\
Glacious 24. apr 2014 kl. 13:08 
You may want to check out your PSU as Shocks mentions. In prebuilts it can be notorious that the company behind your PC skimp out on components, especially power supplies since they can run real cheap but it doesn't mean they are often reliable. Cheap components and usually don't output 300w like it says on the tin. May not be the case but a scenario nonetheless. If you do look into upgrading your Power Supply depending on the kind of build you want depends on what kind of wattage value you actually need. While considering wattage, look out for whats called "80+ Bronze certified" this is certified to be power efficient. This means it will draw less power from your wall and save you a bit of money on the electric bill. Im currently using a Corsair CX500 along with a AMD II Athlon X4 750k processor paired with a EVGA Gefore GTX 650 GPU, Neither OC and running fine. I could run OC if I wanted or even upgrade the Graphics card easily.

In terms of The PCI-e expansion slot, you must open your case and find your PCI-e slot as shown by Shocks. Once then you know you can get a Dedicated GPU. While your in there try to find a 6pin PCI-e connector to see whether you can support Graphics Card that require a Power source if you plan to stick with your current PSU. Not all GPU's require a PCI-e connector but those tend to be the ancient cards. I think around $150-200 would be enough however Im from the UK so Im sure if you do some shopping around you could find a better deal on both a Power Supply and Gpu. Do look in to build videos first before considering installing a PSU however

If you dont wish to purchase a GPU you could Upgrade the RAM for a better clock speed. I've seen people mention that APU's work more efficiently with 1800-2133Mhz+
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Zefram Cochrane 25. apr 2014 kl. 7:06 
Upgrading you RAM won't make much difference here, graphics card oomph is whats needed, that and a beefier PSU

With that prebuilt system and small case I doubt you could get a decent card to fit.. check the length of the card in the specifications and measure the length inside your case
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