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Lost my bride!
I married Lydia and she was watching after my house in Whterun. Did a couple missions, came back and I can't find her now.
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i think this might work. download the become the high king of skyrim mod. all you have to do is go to steam workshop and download it. dont worry about the quest, go to solitude and go near the east ware house thing there is also i picture in the mod thumbnails. it is called highreach. thats your kingdom. keep going straight until you get to the castle entrace. go to the throne and there is a table with spell books. there is one that is i think teleport to your spouse is what its called? use the book and then have the spell. use the spell and i hope it works. the spells some times glitch. so i wish you good luck and if the spell glitches wait for the owner to update the mod. if he does. there might be a bug fix so try again if there is. your weldome and good luck!
For me she's usually upstairs sitting at the small table. I'd also suggest visiting and reading the moveto player console command. You'll need to get her ID from a wiki like UESP.

Another example would be player.moveto 0E007087 (if you want to teleport to Averna from the Dark Brotherhood Resurrected mod.)
To go along the same idea as Rtider, the AFT mod (Amazing Follower Tweaks) which allows more than one follower and can toggle their essential flag will also add a Power (think its called Tweaks or follower tweaks) that will pull up a menu the first option of which will summon all your active followers.

That won't be too helpful if you dismissed them and they are walking home and happened to stop at each and every pub on the way home, er I mean they hung on a rock cause they cut across the forest instead of following the road exactly. In which case the fastest fix is to use the moveto command. And don't use the commands if your not sure about what they do. Place at me (or some variation) will create a duplicate at your location, thus twinning Lydia, which isn't all bad if it wasn't for the bugs that are introduced.
I found her website in wiki... but which ID do I use? And can you please give me the whole console command to get her to Whiterun? THANKS so much! These are her ID's

Ref ID 000A2C94
Base ID 000A2C8E
I got her back! Thanks for ALL your help guys...

I typed:

Prid 000a2c94
moveto player
I belive she is cheating you with Breniuin. His stench just mesmerised poor Lydia.Try to find her near Brenuins ♥♥♥♥.
Glad you found her back. If i were you, I'd just chain her inside the house and make her my sex slave. Hah!
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