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Game Maniac 18. Apr. 2014 um 23:18 Uhr
why death sentence
A traitor may deserve death; a horse thief might be punished by death, but it was too much for him. I still haven't figured out why the hell did the imperials want to cut off my head initially?
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di eshor ribly 18. Apr. 2014 um 23:29 Uhr 
The most likely reason it so tie up loose ends. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and happened to see Ulfric get captured. You could screw up the Imperial public relations by telling people how he actually died (if Alduin hadn't interrupted.) Simply put, you knew too much and the captain in charge of the list just decided it would be easier to give you your last haircut than to let you loose.
Maloy20 18. Apr. 2014 um 23:30 Uhr 

Sorry kid this is the empire guilty until proven useful!
you were a nobody. the more heads flopping, the better the pleasure of the kills.
Anne_Debnam 19. Apr. 2014 um 7:37 Uhr 
I think the captain sent me to the block because I'm prettier than her, she's just really jealous.
Imperial strategy ... better chop one head to many and you were caught with ulfric what didn't worked in your advantage.
Knight Hawk 19. Apr. 2014 um 7:42 Uhr 
To help the headsman level up.
kora 19. Apr. 2014 um 7:51 Uhr 
Lol, think it may be what Anne sai, but if that is the case, she may have problems later in the game. Some of those ladies are just down right unhelpful.
wrong place. wrong time.
Semi Green 19. Apr. 2014 um 11:14 Uhr 
I think that the imperials think that the whole reason the stormcloaks are in the helgen area is to meet a 'secret contact' person. aka you. so yea seems logical to me

but my character is way cuter than the imperal captain....
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Mrkadoodle 19. Apr. 2014 um 11:28 Uhr 
because all elder scrolls games start with you being prisoner
gnewna 19. Apr. 2014 um 11:37 Uhr 
Wrong place, wrong time. At the very least you were caught crossing the border illegally, and there's a war on, so they tend to be pretty strict about this stuff.

The stranger thing is that during the actual game you can literally murder every killable person in a city, leaving only the essential ones as witnesses to your crimes, and (assuming you high-tail it out of the hold for a week or two) when you come back, if you've got the gold you can simply pay a fine or go to jail for a few days - it's only a capital offence in that the guards will attempt to kill you if you resist arrest.
wh.trav1 19. Apr. 2014 um 11:48 Uhr 
Its definitely Guilt by Proximity. That is why the Imp.pire must die. Think of the second wagon loaded with all the farmers and family that were in line behind you.

Headsmen get levels? ( I chuckled when I read that.) Does that mean he gets special kill cams and flourishes too?
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Ursprünglich geschrieben von vaxusvaxu:
A traitor may deserve death; a horse thief might be punished by death, but it was too much for him. I still haven't figured out why the hell did the imperials want to cut off my head initially?

Wrong place wrong time. If the Stormcloaks had captured Tullius along with you instead you'd still suffer the same fate.

Casualties of war, collateral damage as the saying goes. If you kill a few dozen civilians in a bombing strike in Afghanistan, well as far as the US army is concerned thats fine so long as you kill the main bad guy.
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Sturmgewehr_44 19. Apr. 2014 um 19:17 Uhr 
^ Indeed, as are the atrocities that Imperialism instills. However, capital punishment used to be pretty common in Europe up until 100 years ago. The technology portrayed in TES places it a few hundred years ago (and don't say "yeah, medieval" because it really isn't).
wh.trav1 19. Apr. 2014 um 19:18 Uhr 
I did like Oblivion's prison idea. Your in jail, maybe you deserved it, maybe not, but you lucked out and got jail breaked by the king, shame he didn't write you a pardon.

When Skyrim railroaded you to a death sentence for something you deserved, or maybe not, I took it personal. Real personal. And I've let most every Imperial, where I could get away with it, taste Razor up close and personal. And sometimes even where I couldn't get away with it when I could afford the bounty. Its a shame they don't carry better loot. I guess the Imperials are spending all their money hiring replacement troops.
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