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Kjah4201 Apr 13, 2014 @ 4:59pm
Ragged Flagon Bug
First off this is my all time favorite game in the world hands down! I absolutley love it! Game works fine no trouble. Only one little bug. Not always but sometimes when i exit the ragged flagon in the thieves guild. the game sometimes crashes completely. Lucky it saves but. it gets a little frustating at times, and i was wondering if anyone had this little flaw. and if so how to stop from happening.
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fran25 Apr 13, 2014 @ 5:02pm 
I usually coc riverwood from the flagon but have never had problems going out. If it keeps crashing the only advice would be to use the COC console command it is probably some Mod doing it. COC riftenraggedflagon will get you into the flagon.
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wh.trav1 Apr 13, 2014 @ 5:13pm 
I know for myself, I had a bug when entering any of my homes crashing to desktop. I think I narrowed it down to Amazing Follower Tweaks, I isolated which follower it was, and as it turned out, I had to remove all their gear, entered exited a few times and then eventually gave it all back. Not sure which piece of gear was bugged since they all worked when given back to him. Sometimes the game is just weird.

My suggestion being, sell off all the vendor trash, store what you can and then remove all the followers gear, save and then zone to another town (or step into a store) then give it back to them. At least those steps solved the issue for me and my homes.
crapmonster Apr 13, 2014 @ 5:17pm 
If it only crashes at that point, its obviously something with whatever cell you are trying to load. Depending on which exit you are using, I imagine one of the Ratway ones. You could try and find if you have any mods that edit anything that might be there, if not as others said above its best to try and skip that cell entirely by using coc.
Riften has always been buggy for me. The unofficial patches fix lots, but it still occasionally glitches. That is one reason after over 750 hours with this character I am finally doing the Thieves Guild quest and it still CTD's while venturing around in or near Riften.
Ilja Apr 14, 2014 @ 1:19am 
Please understand that this is not a hard data. I have no actual idea what causes CTDs in Riften, so this suggestion is solely based on my own experience about the matter. What works in my game and in my computer might not work for you guys.

It seems to me that several CTDs are occurring, because game can not always properly render graphics and textures. This is quite obvious around areas, game has to load bunch of new textures and objects. It hangs.

My personal pain in the butt area is the road leading from Whiterun to Valtheim towers. Cell change and several new objects appearing behind the mountain offer a good kick between big toes to my system. Dragonsreach interior sometimes does the same.

Riften has very unique textures and official releases seem to be buggy – even with unofficial patch related to them. My problems were reduced significantly, when I moved my whole game to lite versions of 2K HD textures.

My game takes a bit longer to load, but my gaming events load faster. I haven't had any CTDs that might have been related to textures. My game is rigged with heavily scripted mods and WIP-stuff, but frame drop is almost nonexistent. Only problems are near waterfalls, if my computer is already getting tired. Frame rate might drop, but it gets soon back up.

Try those textures and remember to use lite versions of them. Full version of Riften has some problems of it own. If they work, then good. If not, then you really didn't loose anything but time by trying them out. (Always make a new save for trying out mods.)

2K Textures:
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Mexicola9302 Feb 13, 2015 @ 12:00am 
I guess it has something to with the assassin Shavari which normaly tries to kill you in the ratway
because you was in the thalmor embassy Elenwen sends this assassin to kill you this gets triggered the moment you leave the Ragged Flagon with Esbern. Had the same problem i just coc riftenbeeandbarb then left the tavern then there was the assassin on the bridge in the middle of Riften. After bringing Esbern and Delphine to the temple you can go back to the Ratway and you don`t get a CTD. Maybe happened to me because i have my ugridstoload on 7 instead of the regular 5. Who knows...
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