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I cant save my game... help :C
No mods installed that would affect skyrim's integrity, just sky ui/skse and a combat mod. Whenever I try to save, it says saving, it stops the game momentarly, then OI check saves and they're no saves in the menu, its just blank. If I load a previous save and then try to save over any normal saves, it deletes the save with no notice and i can't load it.

I tried reinstalling, tried starting with both skse and normal, I treied deleting my saves folder.. WTF

I have 875 gb free, not a space uisssue nor a administrator read only issue
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Have you tried to save after deactivating your mods, then loaded up?

When did this start happening? Try to be honest, and accurate, no one's gonna slate you for being honest or making mistakes :)
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MAYBE, too many saves in your save file
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