The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Oops! My game crashed
When i start my game up, once it gets to the main screen after showing the bethesda screen it crashes. OOPS! Well i was downloading mods and yes i checked them all for game breaking skyrim glitches, and found none. at the bottom of the steam, it is downloading something on the loading bar and it just stays there! its probally a bug not something to huge to download or my computer is slow my computer is really good its like a quadcore and i dont know what to do! i need to ruin my life some more! here is the list of all the mods i have. ____________________ A WILD NERDY LIST APPEARS!____________________________
Multiple Followers Lite
Skyrim wildlife overhaul
Prides of skyrim
Miraak Follower!
Marriable Serana
Dovahbit of caerbanogg
Easter egg pack v1.7
Miner friends - Minecraft
Territorial dragons of skyrim
Here there be monsters
Rex the german shepard companion v1.3.3
Tiger race and spell EN
EzEs artifact disenchanting
Epic creatures of skyrim.
Stranger Danger - Children can be pickpocketed or killed
Better combat AI
Npc hearts and mudcrab merchants!
Towns and villages enhanced - Solitude
More oblivion like trolls
Mehrunes Pet
Digitigrade khajit + Velociraptor feet
Skyrim creatures: Goblins
Skyrim creatures: Ogres
Taipan armor set
Wyverns of skyrim
bone dragons
mythic dragons
Fus arrow dah! + Fus arrow bolts
Werewolves ocurring naturaly.
Get Over Here!
Moonpath to elsewyr
JG Monsters 1.5
It beats for her
Zx eyes V1
The Eyes of beauty
The Black Sword
Geass Eyes
Black mage armor
Mage armor :1Battlemage
Monster mounts dragonborn 2.5
Skyrim transmogrifaction
Witchplate: Armor set
Lovely hairstyles CE
Dinner10001 follower (ADD SOME RANDOM IDIOT TO THE GAME!)
_________________________________Mods I Just downloaded________________________
Mythic Dragons bugfix
Dont worry, the list is almost over!!!!!
Named dragon skulls
The Chicken Returns
Dropable giants club
Drex, avian race companion
Officer jenkins follower
Playable guard, race.
Be a milk drinker!
The Taser
Vampire Lord replacer
Lizardman - Werewolf replacer!
Fun with cicero!
Coffee Mod
Dragons, giants and mammoth drop skulls!

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Crashing at the Bethesda Logo means this:

You're using a mod that requires a masterfile (likely another mod or DLC) that you don't have.

Solution: Remove mods that require things you don't have. And make sure to check requirements in detail in the future ^_^

edit: If you use the Nexus Mod Manager, the required masterfiles are listed. Check the page where you can tick/untick your installed mods. The right side should list the mod name, and the esm files that it needs.
En son Adura tarafından düzenlendi; 15 Mar 2014 @ 21:04
i remember seeing somewhere about being able to use a certain maximum of mod size combined. how much i cant remember
İlk olarak Smile n Fire tarafından gönderildi:
i remember seeing somewhere about being able to use a certain maximum of mod size combined. how much i cant remember
256 esp and esm files. OP is nowhere near that. And that doesn't cause this error. Going over the limit just deactivates other mods.
En son Adura tarafından düzenlendi; 15 Mar 2014 @ 20:54
Well i just fixed it it randomly started working.
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