The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

DiabloMuerto 2014年3月6日上午2:03
Project Reality climates of Tamriel...darkness question
Hello all, so I've recently started playing Skyrim again and I swapped out my old EnB for a new one and it's running fine, game looks beautiful but the dark environments are just a bit too dark for my taste. I don't like needing Candlelight or a Torch all the time. Outside at night isn't too bad I probably could live with it but in caves and what not it's just too dark, constantly dying b/c I literally can't see where the attackers are even at if they are ranged and not using magic and it makes sneaking up on anyone basically impossible.

Anyway I started out on nights three, then went to nights 1 and finally I just did the vanilla but for some reason they all seem to look exactly the same. I saw a video of a guy showing off the different lighting stages and with his there was a very noticeable change from one setting to the next for me it doesn't seem to be.

So I was wondering if anyone knows any tweaks I could do to lighten things up? Also in the current iteration of this mod it has the option to "install all night levels" which according to the description would allow the user to change the night settings w/o the need of uninstalling the reinstalling the mod each time. It doesn't however tell you how to toggle between these in-game as it states you're supposedly able to do, anyone know how to do this?
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DiabloMuerto 2014年3月6日上午2:58 
So after poking aound for a while I finally found a setting in the ENB that seems to have helped. Haven't seen it in all scenarios yet but I basically just went to a cave area that I found too dark and then played with what seemed to be the relevant ligting settins in the EnB and raised the value until I found a level I liked.

My main issue was with interior darkness so I changed this value AmbientLightingIntensityInteriorNight from it's default setting which I believe was 0.75 to 2.75. Made the cave I was in a little more gameplay friendly for my tastes but just raise the number highter or lower to get where you want.

If the outside night time is your problem then I would imagine you would look for the same line but just w/o the 'interior' portion. Though I don't mind the exteriror darkness too much so I left that alone personally. These settings are in the Environment area of my EnB though I imagine that's uniform for most EnB's.
Trigger 2014年3月6日上午9:45 
Use your shout "Aura Whisper" plus install a mod called Night-eye which will add night-eye to Aura Whisper, now your problem is solved
Going off Trigger's post:

A friend of mine and another steam user made some Night-eye spell mods, really simple and non-conflicting:

Spell of potent night eye:

Night eye blur removal:

The night eye spell lasts for ages, giving you the power of the Khajiit's night eye (very effective night vision, I have these mods since the start and I swear by them). The blur removal maintains clarity while using thet nightvision spell.

最后由 STURM KATTEN [SC-KL] 编辑于; 2014年3月6日下午6:53
I don't understand why people like these darkness mods that only make it darker for you. It should make it darker for NPCs too, else what's the point?
Zefram Cochrane 2014年3月6日下午9:44 
Using any lighting mods? RLO? ELFX? "nights three" suggests you are. They typically remove ambient light making it dark away from light sources.

RLO comes with an option to install for exteriors or not, not sure about ELFX.
最后由 Zefram Cochrane 编辑于; 2014年3月6日下午9:44
Yeah, climates of tamriel isn't a ''darkness'' mod as such, it is just that the brightness is affected by the effects of the mod when in darkness.

Tester-feedback/ Perhaps a good point for the author to look at for a development idea...
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