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Skyrim won't start, even after complete deletion and reninstallation
As said above skyrim will immediately stop working after clicking play, I manually removed all mods and deleted all program files and have reinstalled twice to no solution.
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Ilja Mar 4, 2014 @ 1:08am 
We need a bit more information than that. Did it work properly before and are you trying to launch your old saves?

If latter is the case, then your saves might be bloated and busted. That is where the bugged gameplay data gets stored.
- You can try to open previous working save and reopen your gamesave after that.
- From Main menu window - if active - you can type "coc qasmoke" (without quotamarks) and load your save from developers room this command takes you.

Neither actually fixes the problem, though you might be able to keep playing your game.

If you have general problem with Skrim failing to start, then try following.
- Exit Steam.
- Remove folder named "appcache" from your Steam folder.
- Boot your computer.
- Launch Steam and try to verify your game files, without doing anything else there.
- See if the game works.

Third option is to enable your Papyrus log and trying to find out what script causes the crash. Get back to us with that, if verifying your files don't work.
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