The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

BloomingLilac 2014年2月23日上午6:34
Weird NPC conflicts/Read the TL:DR (Help?)
I was attacked by bandits and vampires while traveling along the road at night with Vorstag. There were two bandits, a Vampire Mistwalker, and a Vampire Nightstalker, but they obviously weren't traveling together. I think there was also a Vampire's Thrall.

Well, anyway, I don't care much about the war between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials, BUT since my character is married to Vorstag, I decided to side with the Stormcloaks because he's a Nord.

We had just killed our attackers when, suddenly, three Stormcloak soldiers came along. I've run across different groups traveling the roads, including Imperials escorting a prisoner and the Thalmor with their prisoners. They always say to move along, that their business is official, etc., and I go on with what I was doing. The one exception was when a Thalmor officer (can't think of the official name) confronted me about Talos worship and I said I would worship anyone I wanted. The group attacked me and ended up dead shortly thereafter.

This time was different. They weren't escorting anyone unless he or she was killed in the crossfire. I can't always find all the corpses at night, especially, because Vorstag dual-wields the Staff of Fireballs and various other staffs. I didn't have my weapon drawn at this point. The bodies were scattered in their path, but we were already there. They proceeded to tell me to move along and I was not about to leave without looting the bodies. (OCD-ish, much?) :-D I proceeded to do just that when they started threatening me with their weapons. Vorstag was behind me, so I can't be sure that he wasn't still wielding his. I never drew my weapon, but they ALL attacked me. I had been playing for a while, listening to the guards talking trash to me while we were killing dragons. Of course I have my weapon drawn when a dragon's on the ground! Just because they sheathe their weapons first does not mean I'm a threat to them! (What were the devs thinking when they put some of the dialogue in this game? It's ridiculous!) /rant

I was a little aggravated, to say the least, because Vorstag killed everyone, and I had a bounty and 3 murders added to my stats. It was "erased" in the hold because he killed the last witness. It's just annoying because I'm trying to avoid killing innocent NPCs. First of all, I never assaulted any NPCs, but I have those showing in my stats because my followers, including Vorstag, get between me and my attackers. It's a bit hard to avoid hitting them, especially with a two-handed weapon.

I know it's just a game, but I've seen other threads about the comments from guards and kids, so I know I'm not the only one put off by the constant BS coming from NPCs. On top of that, I've encountered annoying quest bugs. This is my second playthrough. I love this game, but sometimes I get frustrated.

Think it's time I mod the dialogue? :-P I wouldn't mind it if they caught me actually breaking the law, but it really gets old when I've been playing for hours and putting up with it.


Very strange NPC problems. Vorstag is fighting with Barbas (Clavicus Vile's dog for A Daedra's Best Friend quest) until he's forced to yield and using up his healing potions. I can't communicate with either one when this starts. I reloaded a save the first time it happened. It was funny the second time, but now it's starting to really bother me.

If I download a patch at this point, will my current save be corrupted? This is not the only issue I'm having with NPCs. Vorstag is also fighting with guards that haven't assaulted me. I didn't notice these issues the first time I played Skyrim.
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Markey 2014年2月23日上午6:52 
BloomingLilac 2014年2月23日上午7:08 

Yeah, I started to put a TL:DR in my post, but since it's well-written, I'm hoping someone will read it. If not, it's no problem. I've had my rant. :-)
BloomingLilac 2014年2月24日上午8:58 
I've edited my OP. Has anyone had any weird NPC conflicts? I'm so far along in the game that I really don't want to start with a new character. I'm not using any mods and I haven't downloaded any patches lately.
Ygolnac 2014年2月24日上午9:04 
TL:DR, really.
BloomingLilac 2014年2月24日上午9:11 
引用自 Ygolnac
TL:DR, really.

The OP has been edited with TL:DR which isn't very long. Any advice you can give would be helpful. Thanks in advance. :-)
MageThis 2014年2月24日上午9:17 
If Vorstag and Barbas are both your followrs get the AFT mod. Amazing Followers Tweak gives you control over their AI and you may configure their behaviour.
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BloomingLilac 2014年2月24日上午11:02 
Thank you! I took Barbas back and finished the quest, but when I play again, I'll know what to do to keep him. Thanks for taking the time to help. :-)
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