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Skyrim mods
So, after playing Skyrim allot on my xbox i finally bought the legendary edition on PC! I did it so I could try out different mods so I can play more with new content.

So I wondered If someone could give me some mods I really should check out (would appreciate links to them). I am looking for mods that make the game look realistic (like weather, sound etc), more missions/places to go and more gear.

Hope someone can help me out :)

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iPeer 20 feb, 2014 @ 7:31 
Unofficial patches are a great place to start. Before looking for more content, it's always a good idea to fix the (many) bugs that are left in, even after the official patches.
Senast ändrad av iPeer; 20 feb, 2014 @ 7:32
Yeah okey, I will look up some bugfix patch :) ty
gnewna 20 feb, 2014 @ 7:40 
There's a sticky at the top of this forum with a link to where the patches (get all of them - there's one for each of the DLC) can be found.
G20 20 feb, 2014 @ 11:16 
I just threw this collection together to answer just such a question! If I was you I would avoid all the endless searching and just subscribe to this lot ;)
You won't find a better set of mods, unless you want some hd packs (which are mostly not very good for your game)
Game on ;)
Oh my god that was allot of mods o.O mindblown :P Do you really mean I should download all those and put them in the right folder? o.O

But thx allot man! life saver! :)
Also, foudn this from a streamer:
But you'rs seemed to have it all!
G20 20 feb, 2014 @ 12:05 
All the mods in that collection work together, and make the game amazing, and fixes all the bugs, but be careful adding extra mods to that lot.. you can, but, some will ruin it. for example, any of the diamond weapon mods will not work with this lot. So there's a little sacrifice there, And theyre all here on Steam so you dont have to put them into folders or anything, it's all automatic, just hit subscribe and let them download, make sure theyre ticked in yoyur dada files (that should be automatic but worth checking) and your good to go :)
G20 20 feb, 2014 @ 12:08 
Thanks for the invite ;)
Just one more little thing, if you don't have any dlc's there are two mods on the list you don't need. The custom family home mod and the crosbows mod. If you hgave subscribed to them you can just uncheck them in your dada files ;)
G20 20 feb, 2014 @ 12:15 
I just checked out that ENB link.. it looks great and will work with this lot ;) However make sure your machine is man enough for that lot. If I ran that on my laptop the game would simply stand still, just bare that in mind, you could disable them if lag occured.
Senast ändrad av G20; 20 feb, 2014 @ 12:15
I downloaded the mods you had but an error accoured when i downloaded number 92 "Artifacts of Ultima". The error said: Failed to download a subscribed file! Steam error 2

Except that i think it worked. Because when I entered game I suddnely had an invitation in my invitory that I guess one of the mod applied ;)

Also, if I want to get all the nexus I showed you do I have to manually download them all? Don't think my pc has a problem to run it, I run skryim on ultra with no problem at all.

Thjx again for all the help! :D
G20 20 feb, 2014 @ 13:02 
You'll need nexus mod manager, it's kind of similar to subscribing on steam when you use the nexus mod manager. read into the mod manager a little. I have it but don't use it. I did upload some mods to nexus but removed them, i just didn't like the scene. but yeah, the nexus mod manager does the filing for you, so thats cool
Or you can download them manually,
nexus mod manager AKA NMM should be easy enough to find and isntall, it's been a while since i done it but i think i found it with a google search,m the just the usual precedure. Don't forget to click the green thumb on the mods that you like. modders apreciate that, tell them you like it and that you green thumbed and you'll make their day.
I hope your enjoying theat collection. let me know if you have any dificulties with any of those mods,I have used them all for ages and am using them right now :)
Another thing I noticed.. When I am on quests the quest marker shows 180* wrong way... So I walked the totally wrong direction.. It shows correct on the world map tho.. What do I do to correct this?
G20 20 feb, 2014 @ 13:04 
Where is that happening?
MageThis 20 feb, 2014 @ 14:08 
Ursprungligen skrivet av Omtveiten:
Another thing I noticed.. When I am on quests the quest marker shows 180* wrong way... So I walked the totally wrong direction.. It shows correct on the world map tho.. What do I do to correct this?

Do you have more than 1 Quest checked? Thinking you have 2 Quest markers.
I did only have that 1 quest marked.. but of some strange reason is was just that one quest (strange), but it works now so :)
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