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Dorramu Feb 19, 2014 @ 1:24am
WHO are YOU? 2
i noticed that the other who are you is getting rather full so this is another one to put your characters backstorys on ( i do not own any of this all credit goes to voltcheck)
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The Green Knight Feb 19, 2014 @ 1:41am 
My current charachter is a 20 year old Nord called Thoromir Thu'ukei pretty run of the mill skilled in combat both 1h and 2h weapons i used alternate start: Live another life with this guy, his story goes something like this: Thoromir grew up with his father, mother and brother on a sleepy town called Bleaker’s Way which is located between the Imperial city and Bruma the northern city of the Nords in Cyrodiil. His Father A Stablemaster and his mother a Healer him and his brother Domkall lived a happy Childhood learning to Hunt with there Father and the art of sword play using sticks and canes. When Thoromir was 10 and his brother 14 there mother was attacked in the near by forest when she was collecting herbal ingredients for medicines and apothecaric potions by a group of Unknowns who beat and robbed her she was found Dead 3 days later by a group of monks passing through the forest she died of an injury to the back of her head. Upon investigating the Scene Domkaal found a Ring with the Dragon logo of the Imperial legion inscribed on it
This made his heart burn with a passionate hate for the empire and when Thormir was 13 Domkaal left the town of Bleaker’s Way and even the land of Cyrodiil and headed north to the Nordic homeland of Skyrim to join the fight against the empire and help the Stormcloaks liberate Skyrim The land that had been home to his Mother as a Child.
When Thormir was 18 he too left his hometown to find his brother and avenge the death of his mother but on his arrival in skyrim he could not find his brother and after two years of searching he decided that he’d have better luck if he settled down in one spot and waited to see if he’d happen across his brother. And so it Came to be one day while he was sitting in his tent between Riverwood and Helgen he heard an almighty roar like Thunder leaping from the jaws of the divines he followed the noise to helgen and found it destroyed hi did find one survivor a stormcloak named Ralof and decided to help him after all he might know of his brother. He help Ralof get to riverwood to be reunited with his sister and nephew and well the rest as they say is history...
Bradenm1 Feb 19, 2014 @ 1:42am 
I'm braden.
Dorramu Feb 19, 2014 @ 1:58am 
Mine's Dorramu (totally original name) he's a dark elf and he's 23 years old. He was born in a dark cavern below Riverwood, his parents were killed by Draug however Dorramu was small and he hid so he lived. When he came out of the cave he was 3 and was found by one of Alvor's relatives who took care of Dorramu until he was 10. At 10 years old Dorramu went out to fetch some wood, but when he came back a dragon had burned down his home and killed Alvor's relative. Alone and scared, Dorramu went back down into the cave his parent's had died in and found something shocking. It turns out that Dorramu's parents weren't killed by Draug, there were killed by some Nords who were looking for treasure. Dorramu found this out by meeting the Nords who had killed them and they said that they thought they were Draug. Dorramu's was furious and so killed the 2 Nords and swore revenge on all Nords. So for 10 years Dorramu went on the road looking for more Nords to kill, but as he killed his 13th Nord that week some guards of Helgen saw the murder and arrested him. That then leads to the main storyline of Skyrim which everyone already knows so i'll skip to the end. So Dorramu and his partner (forgot name will post soon) defeated Alduin and became the heroes until he was attacked by Nords and Stormcloaks ( Dorramu's an Imperial) and was forced to run back into the cave he was born in. When he had entered the cave the last dragon alive (on purpose) cause a rocksile which trapped Dorramu in the cave. Some say he's still in that cave forever and ever...
thewillielee Feb 19, 2014 @ 8:49am 
I play Damriel Black-eyes. His Race is Roshin (my modded race). Roshin are nomadic when he stumbled upon the chaos at Helghen (used Alternative start mod selected hunting in the wilderness). He spotted a black dragon (Alduin) that fled as he approach. He stumbled upon a corpse that fell apart as he touched it retrieving a journal.

His race is an old race so there are no blondes in his people. He had the muscles of a swordsman with a farmer's tan cause when he's not hired for combat then he works at farms while traveling. He's taller than most people in his raceand even though he conjures minions, he prefers to conjure a sword and use the bow. He's great at smithing & enchanting but its in the Roshin as a race over years of battle (Most think the Elves with their magic won the war years ago. That's the Thalmar's lies. Thalmor hired most of the tribes of the Roshin whose magical abilities even intimidate the Elves. It was the Roshin that won the war against the Empire.)

The Roshin are as arrogant as the Nords & Devastating in combat as the Orcs. Most were wiped out in execution squads after the war. The Thalor broke their pact with the Roshin to provide them a homeland. Damriel remembered the deep historic lore his grandfather had told him. Grandpa Ysmir told him the hatred of the Roshin cause of this incident ruined generations of eyes that only the newer generations had regained the color of their eyes.

That is why the family went from being The Bold-hands to being renamed the Black-Eyes. The reason being Great Grandfather Master Kenshin Bold-hand was the very first to have his eyes blackened with hatred. This hatred seethe into Damriel as a shadow engulfed the land. The wind picked up & a roar echoes across the mountains. Damriel slowly lifted his eyes as a thunderous crash blasted dirt and rubble before him.

He casted a ward upon his Steel-plated Armor he just purchased from the woman in Whiterun. He conjured a huge blue blade in his right hand while his left hand conjured a beautiful female image engulfed in flames (flame atronach) that immediately threw fireballs at the huge fire dragon (Greater Drogon from the Greater Dragon mod) before it bigger than the ones spoken to Damriel during storytime back in the day.

Damriel felt the tension from the dragon increase as it glared down upon him blocking his escape. Damriel sighed closing his eyes for a moment as his left hand reached for his glass sword handed down to him by his father before his father's execution. He opened his eyes and slowly found something deep in his chest. The Dragon staring intently upon its prey heaved in air and Roared as Damriel returned the roar.

Fire blazed across the land blanketing everything. Slowly the fire lowered as the dragon closed its mouth. Damriel was curled up into a ball with his cape covering his entire body except for his head. He slowly stood up staring at the dragon as it peeled back to study its prey amazed that it wasn't burnt to a crisp.

"Hear me this day, Dragon," yelled Damriel arrogantly, " I'm gonna eat your heart to purify my hatred and bring fear for the first time into your soul as I ravish your eyes from your ugly head."

The Dragon rotated whipping its tail to its left hoping to bash its prey. Damriel leaped over the tail taunting the dragon with his laugh. The Dragon lunged forward to engulf Damriel within its huge mouth. Damriel sprinted and leaped high into the air twirling his swords so they were facing downward in both hands. Damriel thrusted downward both swords as if they were fangs into the Dragon's eyes.

The Dragon's head frailed whipping around in agony as Damriel hung onto his swords for dear life. The dragon launched itself into the air adding to its head whip as it flung Damriel into the air. The dragon flew into a backflip regaining its composure and looked into the direction that Damriel was flung.

A storm rose quickly where Damriel was. The Dragon was stun to see a human fly. However the storm clouds rolled back revealing a spectral dragon. Damriel conjured it before he would have fallen to his death. Both dragons met each other wing to wing. Damriel glared into the eyes of the dragon as it glared back at him.

"So are we going to do this dragon or have you fallen in love?"

To Be Continued...
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