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Sinolai Jaalo Feb 18, 2014 @ 1:46pm
Unoffical skyrim patches
I tried to download this mod using Nexus mod manager to get rid of atronach perk/stone bug. However, the bug was not fixed. Is this the right mod?

ps. I moved the mod from unassigned folder to Patches. Could this possibly make it unreadable?
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Did you start a new game?

I'm not sure if the "patch" can fix issues on an existing game. It is best to use the patches from the start

Hopefully others can chime in with more info
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Trigger Feb 18, 2014 @ 1:58pm 
redownload the Unoffical Skyrim patch and answer NO when asked to overwrite. uninstall the other one then install new one
Sinolai Jaalo Feb 18, 2014 @ 2:13pm 
No, I didn't start a new game... I really hope the existing games can be fixed since I have almost completed the story.... I'll try to redownload and install it...
Sinolai Jaalo Feb 18, 2014 @ 2:19pm 
Well atleast this looks more promising since the mod was recognized as a patch immediately... but I am too tired of testing it now... :P I'll try it tomorrow.
Trigger Feb 18, 2014 @ 2:39pm 
thats why i said to redownload it and answer no
Sinolai Jaalo Feb 18, 2014 @ 10:55pm 
nope, still not working :/ Actually mod manager never asked me to overwrite anything.... it just says that the mod was activated succesfully, which was a lie. But It clearly does somethig since if I disable the mod I will get a message saying that my saves are relaying on content that are no longer present... Is it possible that my Nexus Mod Manager is not working properly? I downloaded it from here

I also noticed than since the download I have been unable to devour dragonsouls... or is it becouse of miraak? (I Statred doing dragonborn quests at the same time and I heard miraak will devour some of the souls but I haven't seen him anywhere when I have killed a dragon) The dragons will not turn into bones when I loot them.
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★Kelvy★ Feb 19, 2014 @ 1:34am 
Miraak won't take your dragon souls until you go to the island. USP must be in corect load order use BOSS to sort NMM will comply to that. Also have you the unoffficial patchs for the DLC's?
If NMM says the patch is actived it is, but still has to be in correct load order.
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Sinolai Jaalo Feb 19, 2014 @ 1:43am 
What are BOSS and DLC? Then what is the correct order and do I have to delete some other "mods" to get it work or is it enough to disable them, activate patch and reactivate the rest of them. The patch is only mod I have downloaded but I had Dawnguard, Dragonborn, HearthFires and Update "mods" as vanilla.

My current order is:
5.Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp (not esm. does this affect somehow?)
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★Kelvy★ Feb 19, 2014 @ 1:55am 
Internet type in BOSS and download it.
DLC's are Dawnguard.esm, Hearthfires.esm and Dragonborn.esm and High Res Texture packs are officical game addons'
I will add load order for you in a sec.
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Sinolai Jaalo Feb 19, 2014 @ 2:01am 
By the way, the version of skyrim being sold in steam is version or higher? that is one of the requiements for patches to work.
★Kelvy★ Feb 19, 2014 @ 2:02am 
I have place this here to help anyone who needs it in Pinned Topic - HINTS and TIPS
(page 18 at 50 posts per page)

Just put your load order like below
Mods are a difference kettle they must be loaded as modder directs so read description before acting (not sure, don't load it)

It looks complicated but its not, writing the method is, but actually doing it is more in just clicking on item and programs do the rest.

Load order
Third party will show Skyrim.ESM.(BOSS, NMM etc) Steam will not (in game)
(new load order after last upgrade of packs)
Skyrim Update
Skyrim Patch (USP)
Dawnguard.esm (DLC)
Dawnguard patch (UDP)
Hearthfires.esm (DLC)
Hearthfires patch (HFP)
Dragonborn.esm (DLC)
Dragonborn patch (DBP)
Other ESM's
High Res Texture Packs 1>3
Unofficial High Resolution Pack
ESP,s (Mods)

Programs required for mods to be stable in game(Or try to be)
SKSE (third party launcher for game)
Steam workshop (MODS)
Nexus Mods Skyrim (MODS)
Nexus Mod Manager (Needs the above to work)(MODS) Now version 0.46.0
BOSS (Load order and dirty edits)
TES5Edit (Clean edits)
WYRE BASH (clean edits and makes Bash Mod to combine scripts)
and there are others

When loading mods subscribe in workshop but make sure they are not tick in box in DATA window, play through Helgen and save. Then start ticking boxes in DATA to make active a few at a time. Play game from first save if OK exit (DO NOT SAVE) tick some more mods on and play if no problems good to go.
Simular with Nexus Mod Manager, you must activate the mods before playing using the above method you should be able to limit problems.

Deactivated mods are OK but unless you move your saves or delete them (including backup saves) they are still holding your problem.
Usually play through helgen and save(For one named person) then play from save a bit and save, this save now become the place where you slowly add mods if it crashes you can go back one save that is OK.
Before choosing mods read the modders descriptions, why! because certain mods need others to be in game to work properly (read UFO below) and they follow that mod.(this may become confusing in NMM when it asks you what you want do with it mostly say NO to the 'select all' question) This has nothing to do with load order that BOSS shows this has to do with how mods are installed.

Deactivated mods are OK but unless you move your saves or delete them (including backup saves) they are still holding your problem.
Usually play through helgen and save(For one named person) then play from save a bit and save, this save now become the place where you slowly add mods if it crashes you can go back one save that is OK.
Before choosing mods read the modders descriptions, why! because certain mods need others to be in game to work properly (read UFO below) and they follow that mod.(this may become confusing in NMM when it asks you what you want do with it mostly say NO to the 'select all' question) This has nothing to do with load order that BOSS shows this has to do with how mods are installed.

Copy from WYRE BASH help page (Information only)

Installation of MODS. This is basically the same for other programs like NMM etc

Wrye Bash displays your installed plugins in its "Mods" tab. Your load order consists of active installed plugins, which Wrye Bash marks with a ticked checkbox. The load order is important as it decides what plugin 'wins' any conflict between plugins, with later loading plugins overriding those that change the same thing.

Load order is not the same thing as install order! Install order determines which mods' files overwrite other mods' files when they conflict.
Load order determines which plugins' effects override other plugins' effects in-game when they conflict.

Plugins may be activated by clicking their checkbox so that the checkbox is ticked, or by selecting a plugin or group of plugins and pressing the space bar on your keyboard. Plugins may be deactivated by again clicking their checkbox or pressing the spacebar. If a group of selected plugins contains a mix of active and inactive plugins, pressing the space bar once will activate them all, thereafter it will function as normal.

Some plugins are explicitly dependent on other plugins - they have these plugins as "masters". When a plugin is activated, its masters are also activated. Conversely, when a plugin upon which other plugins depend is deactivated, those plugins are also deactivated.

When setting the load order, make sure that Wrye Bash is displaying your plugins sorted by Load Order. Do so by clicking on the "Load Order" column header near the top of the tab. You can also display the plugins sorted by other attributes by clicking on any of the other column headers. Clicking twice will reverse the display order for any column but Load Order. The load order of plugins is given in hexadecimal digits, from 00 to FF, which is 0 to 255 in decimal. (This number also forms the first two digits of a record's Form ID.)

Note that you can only have a maximum of 255 plugins, not including your game's master file (eg. Oblivion.esm, Skyrim.esm), active at any one time. Wrye Bash displays a plugin count in its status bar, to the right hand side, in the format

Rule of thumb try not to have simular mods with same contents they may cause probs early in game or later.

BOSS will tell you your load order and it should be like I wrote.(you can move that order around yourself) (This is important to have correct). It also tells you if you have dirty edits ITM's and UDR's.

TES5Edit when you open it you will see a box it will pick up your ESM's and ESP's you have in game just click OK.

This will take time to complete (here on is a patience game)(More mods more time)
Once completed it should all load up on left side just choose any file (except skyrim.esm file) and right click on it.
Look for title Apply filter for cleaning and left click (Now for you will take forever make a cup of coffee) Nothing happens in page (no crash) just look at very top of page and it will ticking the bytes over.

Once completed the left column items will in colour.
Now using your BOSS list of files with dirty edits on it(2 monitors are great for this)
In TES5Edit now right click on SKYRIM.ESM and go down the list until you find one that is on BOSS list. (Do not clean Skyrim.esm)

Left click on it and find REMOVE IDENTICAL MASTERS records and right click
A box with WARNING in it will appear wait and press OK (this is the only time it will show)
Bottom of right side page you will see it working when completed. Left click on file again and find UNDELETE and DISABLE REFERENCES and right click on that, again it will show bottom right page. You have to do that to all files in same order as written repeat until done.
Exit program and a window box will show with list of files you have cleaned just OK it all done for this.

Load WYRE BASH up this it will find Skyrim and it loads up all esm's and esp's, left click on one of the files There should be a build patch there, mine says rebuild patch (Dull in colour,which means I can't use it) as I have already done it. Sorry you may have to read up on, it's been awhile.
Right click on Bash Mod and find rebuild patch this must be done after every clean.(Realise where it was)
Not sure there is a help button bottom left of screen

Verify game before cleaning starts( not as I stated before after I was misinformed)

When verify game one file is missing that means steam can not complete it until game is open then it finds your graphic card and it settings.
This message is not a problem and not to worry about it everybody gets it.

BOSS will now show bash tags but no dirty edits.

Double cursor bug
There is a fix on Nexus mods skyrim in topic BUG FIXES.
Interference from outside programs can cause this eg. Anti virus operating. If screen goes black or in game just move windows cursor off the screen press CTRL, ALT and DEL when windows task manager comes up just cancel it. The game will carry on as usual (there is no need to shut out of game (Game icon is at bottom of screen it is still active)

Error 15
Error 15 is cause by a corrupt mod in game.
Unfortunately a lot get caught out on this one as game will state a mod has failed and the gamer removes it, starts game then it states that another mod has failed.
Do not remove those files they are OK, the game is telling you the wrong information.
Deactivate all mods from game (do not delete but make a list of what mods are showing.)
Then go to C: Drive/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim/data and go through the list of mods any mod that is not on deactivated list, you must DELETE.
What the game is doing is it has this mod/mods that have failed in its files and it is trying to activate it/them into the game causing to crash.
Once removed reactivate the other mods and always verify game before starting.

Error 80
Error 80 Is a steam/windows issue. Windows cannot find Steam Bootstrapper.
Fix one: ALT TAB and restart computer (find this temporary)
Fix two: Go to windows start > type in search MSCONFIG > go to startup tag and open > go down list find Steam Bootstrapper and tick box (if ticked, untick and tick again) > Apply > OK and restart computer.


This mod must be the first mod you put on before any other follower/NPC mods you require.
If you want to use UFO and already have mods on or been deactivated save games will still have details of those mods.
UFO must beon early in game say after Helgen then play and save straight away. then add allthe other mods even UFO tweaks then start from that save all will be fine.
Problems I have found Vilja mod is active but no show in game same with Erin, Anja and co mod.
Prince and the pauper clothing mod through deactived (unticked box in plugins), save had it and had to deavitate it in NMM and reactivate it back into game, same with Lakeview Extended - problem clothing in both were bright bluist/purple colour to the eyes.

Helgen Reborn (not Arthmoors) has been set up for Alternative start. Start new and wagon sounds are there but nothing happens all are standing next to wagon. To fix start game new or add Helgen Reborn after escaping Helgen, good to go. (By the way a great mod)

Black or grey faces'

Creation Kit does that
Open it
Click on folder top left in tool box to Data
D/Click cross in box against Skyrim.esm
D/click ApachiiHair.esm or
Mod that has follower (usually I don't)
Click on 'Set as Active File" and then OK
Will take awhile to load files and Initializing
Click yes to all
Loading Files...Initializing References
Go to object windows
Click on + box to open Actors
Look down list (depends on race) (I here will nord race, the process is the same for races)
Look down list to Nord race click on box
Female (I selected female)
Hightlight felmale - this brings up all women that are of nord race
This can be done indivually or as one total unit (I will select all)
Highlight top of list press shift and highlight bottom of list (all will be highlighted)
Press Ctrl and F4 together brings up window to confirm click YES
Bottom left you will see name of list being ticked off. Wait until completed (more highlighted the more time to do)
You can do this to other races before going to C;Drive
When completed widow box with done shows, click OK (DO NOT CLOSE OUT CREATION KIT)

Now go to C;Drive/steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data/textures/actors/character/FacGen data/FaceTint/skyrim.esm (shock and horror now remove ALL .dds and .tga Files(this is if you do all of the list(Nord race females) or will only show only the indivual ones that you pick)
So delete them and close out of C:Drive
Back in Creation Kit save and close out, good to go
Credits for this go to modder Spewed for all information

There are many other issues that may crop up that have not been included but these are certainly the most discussed

I know its a long winded discussion but how else can you explain it, actually fixing the problems is straight forward and easy once learnt.
★Kelvy★ Feb 19, 2014 @ 2:03am 
Yes that is correct
Sinolai Jaalo Feb 19, 2014 @ 2:08am 
I am getting a message "This plugin has the file extension .esp, but its file header marks it as an esm!" This is what it says when i click the Unofficial skyrim patch on my Mod Manager
★Kelvy★ Feb 19, 2014 @ 2:10am 
What they have done is to fool the game, so it can be place the patch behind the esm it is fixing. this is OK
Sinolai Jaalo Feb 19, 2014 @ 2:11am 
(now I jsut wonder if I am still unable to absorb dragon souls...but atleast one problem has been fixed)
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