The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Windshear causing Map Updated bug
I've googled and searched in this forum but can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem. When a follower or my character is wielding Windshear, I frequently see Map Updated flashing for no reason. Just having it in an inventory isn't enough, it has to be wielded.

Here's when it happens:
-Enter/leave a city through the gates
-Fast travel anywhere
-I equip it
-Follower equips it
-Enter/leave player houses (does not happen with other buildings)

It's probably important to note here that it's not updating anything. I even visited every grayed-out location on my map, so I'd know right away if something was updated. But nothing changes.

I only have one mod (Lovely Hairstyles CE from the workshop) but I got the bug before and after installing it, so it isn't related. Other than that, no other mods or DLC. What can I do to make it stop flashing Map Updated all the time?
Edit: since posting I installed SkyUI...but mods aren't really the problem here.
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