The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Ever had one of those days...
About 100 hours completed, everything going great, no bugs or glitches to speak of.... about 15 mintues in I decide to do the Locate Valdr Hunting party side quest...find him and instead of sitting on the log asking for a healing potion he runs up to me and says 'Ahh thanks that feel much better'. Apparantely i healed him without doing anything??? Then finished the quest, Valdr thanks me and goes off back to Falkraeth. Later I noticed the 'Locate Valdr Hunting Party' quest is still there in my journal still active.......apprently its a bug, too late to go back as I hadn't saved so thats stuck in my journal forever.

Later, i go to Fort Sungard with J'Zhargo, kill all the Foreswarn and decide to have a look about the castle for bits and bobs. Enter an outside balcony bit, nothing there, walk back inside and J'Zhargo won't come back in with me. Refuses to move....just standing there. Apparently its another glitch!!!! Spent 20 minutes on the web trying to find a solution to get him to walk through the bloody door with me again....

Then i go to Markarth, dragon attacks as soon as I step out of the city gates and kills one of the farmers.... side quest failed!!! cos i had a note from the farmer to deliver to someone. Reload again!! Then i goes wandering around, 50 minutes picking lots of blue flowers, hanging moss, ninroot, catching load of butterflies, tons and tons and tons of ingredients....and game crashes to desktop. Start it back up and i'm back at Markarth with the bloody dragon again....forgot to quicksave.

SOD IT!!!!!
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Having spend hundreds and hundreds of hours in skyrim, I know exactly how you feel.
I don't know if you use any mods, but the unofficial skyrim patches fix a lot of bugs in the game.
As for the quicksave problem, there is a mod that adds moments where your game will autosave (at the start/end of combat, on discovering location, and lots more)
I spend a good thousand hours into the vanilla on xbox, so I couldn't even fix the game :P
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