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Solstheim Dragon Mound Glitch?
Hello everyone! I think all explorers of Solstheim found a Dragon Mound on a small island north of Skald village. Im trying to slay that dragon for Bend Will last word. And... I'm freaking out already! That stupid beast cant find a place to land. It brings hell on me from air, and I, a simple knight, cant do a thing... If i use Dragonrend that idiot goes all the way to Skald village and forgets about me... Please give me some tips to slay him. I cant think clearly already...
Going to Skyrim for dragons wont do. In 4 real hours of fast travel and waiting only one dragon attacked me... And Miraak stole its soul(that was third dragon in a row that he stole from me)... Other 3 just ignored me...
Dragon Shrines won't do either. Blood dragons that live there refuse to give me their soul's.
Cant get Dragon Hunt quest from Companions. Always a lost item or bandits...
No main quest dragons left. Dragonborn is the last questline left.
Dragon on Dragons Shrine of Solstheim was stolen by Miraak too... That's why i want to slay him, and than the one at Dragon Mound... I think Miraak can return to Nirn once in few days. So a quick double dragon kill should do the trick.

If you know any other way to quickly get some Dragon Soul - say it. I really need some help...
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i know there is a console command to add dragon souls to your inventory but i do not remember the code, i'll try to find it. i'll be back
it's "player.modav dragonsouls #" but really, that should be a last resort. i'd recommend packing a bow or spell for dragons that are adamant about remaining airborn. even if you are just a "simple knight", sometimes you just need a ranged combat alternative. maybe bring along a follower such as Aela who can do your ranged fighting for you.
above comment is correct, and yes you should try to bring him down with bow and arrows
just keep reloading the game if Miraak steals the dragon soul and try again until he doesn't. It is randomized for most dragons.
That Miraak got to be a nuseance .. barging in on my kills and stealing the souls.
I just had to show that betraying upstart what a real dragonborn is all about.
But Mora had the last word on him when he doged into his little cesspool the fourth time.
I thought about using the console to add this pour soul, but would prefer to leave it as last solution .
About magic battle ... My level of Destruction - 48. And I do not have any of perks from Destruction tree. Even Archmage Robe, Ring of Replenishment(+60% magic regen) and Morokei can’t help me kill the dragon. Tried. I’m running out of magic really fast, or make very low damage. Bow ... Probably will not help . 52 level and only +20 % damage perk. Without SpellBreaker I will die from two fire blasts. Don’t know if its safe to use Wabbajack. Can’t imagine what will the dragon do if transformed to chicken or Dremora Lord. And don’t know will the transform and Disintegrate work on dragon.
You may ask how a warrior without ranged skills survived. I always had Spellbreaker and high Heavy Armor and Block skills. Getting to the enemy was not a big problem. Of course, if the enemy is not a flying moron who can’t choose a comfortable place for a landing
My follower is Serana. And I'll tell you that against that dragon she is useless. She either land on a nearby island with Rieklings or even disappear from the Nirn for few hours.
I will try the Save/Load trick first. It may help. So after work I reply the result of that. Hope it helps and the dragon from Dragon Shrine on Solstheim will be enough.
I could see a build like that working in Morrowind or Oblivion, and I really hope I dont come off sounding as an ♥♥♥, but its kinda hard to imagine playing Skyrim without some form of ranged combat. As soon as I realized that waving a sword around while a dragon is flying does nothing, I started packin some heat...
Also, I cant remember really having any dragons do that much damage to me with just a breath... maybe its because im a 95% (85% cap) magically resistant breton most of the time?
Perhaps you should also look into some -resist potions or something...
If you happen to have the Staff of Magnus, it's pretty useful to knocking down a dragon's ability to use it's breath. That is if the dragon is hovering within range. The shout, "Drain Vitality" will help bring them down eventually. Magika poisons are useful on ranged weapons.
I'm a Dark Elf with only 22% Magic resistence from neckle. Need few lvl ups for Enchanting and then ill make some armor with lot magic resistance. So on 57 lvl there is a lot damage from dragon breath. As for close combat... SpellBreaker gives me the needed defence to survive while im running to target. To be honest - 0 damage while shild rised. For dragons I use Dragonrend to bring them down, and once they cant fly anymore i use Mark of Death to kill them faster. So in most cases a Heavy and shielded Danmer is a real fortress. But since im weak at magic and markmenship - im a easy target for enemies i cant reach.

Does Magnus realy work on dragons breath? Its a Shout. No magic needed.
What if I use my Dragon Aspect lvl2 on that dragon? Are shouts speeded a lot? Maybe i can shout him to death as i have a lot of damaging shouts and that is a fire dragon. So i can use Frost Breath and Ice form. And i enchanted Unrelating Force for damage with black book of Hermeus Mora. Also there is no damage from me to followers thanks to other Black Book. So i can use Auriels Sun Rage abillyty and Storm Shout to do many arial damage to that dragon
Storm Shout can do some serious damage to dragons... and anything else that is unlucky enough to be on the same continent =P. that might work. I've almost killed myself a few times with storm shout lvl 3 before they fixed it =D
Ok. Then i try it out on that dragon, and if it wont help, than i go to Dragon Shrine and use Save/Load trick
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