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Floating quivers.. Now there's something you shouldn't see too often.
Once again I'm left scratching my head and wondering how Bethesda can produce such popular and well concieved games like Elder Scrolls, yet they do some of the most idiotic, lazy-♥♥♥♥♥ things I've ever seen in a game. A good example is the placement of quivers both arrow and bolt type on the character models. They all look like they're hanging a foot off of the back in thin air. Looking around for a mod to fix this stupid looking situation, I realized that Bethesda could have easily fixed this themselves by simply not letting the quiver models hang in mid air by a foot or more. Does anyone know of a mod that simply moves the quivers in towards the back by say 10-12 inches? I've tried one mod that didn't change the quiver distance off the back at all. The only other 1 I found that looked useful had 62 files to sort through on Nexus. that's more downloads to sift through than the number of mods that I'm using in my game. o_o
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Incunabulum 8. Feb. 2014 um 22:21 Uhr 
The floating quivers (and other stuff) is because they didn't make a completely new skeleton for every race and every possible armor combination.

They picked a spot to anchor the weapons based on what they expected you to use and what looks good(ish) on the widest combination of gear.

Unfortunately, they assumed everyone would be using heavy armor so the stuff sticks out with light armor or clothing. But if they had moved it closer to look good on light armor, it would clip on the heavier armor.

And yes, there are mods that move them closer. However - these mods edit your character's skeleton and will conflilct with any other mod that does so. So what might have happened to your mod is it was overwritten by another mod further down in the load order.
^ What he said.
used to bug me as well but on my pursuit to find a fix i discovered thats replacing the entire skeleton framework and animation, textures and idles made it 1000 times better than i could have hoped for
Amycus 9. Feb. 2014 um 1:37 Uhr 
Hardly a problem unique to skyrim. Far as I know, EVERY game has this problem, assuming that the game allows you to change armor.
Incunabulum 9. Feb. 2014 um 1:44 Uhr 
Pretty much every game *will* have it, unless the devs spend money to do multiple skeleton attatchment points and script a way to switch them out - so far no one is willing to spend the money on that.
Fidller™ 9. Feb. 2014 um 2:45 Uhr 
there is a mod that move's them closer...its on the nexus
Thanks for the positive feedback people. My tirade above was partly the result of an hour hunting for mods to fix a flaw in the core game that initially came up with nothing useful. I did manage to find a mod that somewhat fixes the bolt quivers. It's called Bolt_Fix_v11 on Skyrim Nexus. So far It seems to work with Steel, Dwarven and at least the flame explosive bolts. With heavy armor the quiver does clip a little into the lower back, but that's a helluva lot better than looking like debris floating in space.
Anyhow as for all games having this issue, I partly agree. I've seen the usual goofy clipping and odd ragdoll errors in other games, but I don't recall seeing a back accessory hanging that far off of a character before. I used to play Warcraft and I can say without a doubt that if any company is likely to screw up content like the quivers are in Skyrim, it's Bliztard. I despise that cash grubbing noob company, yet even they got quivers right in the Warcraft series. lol
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Fidller™ 9. Feb. 2014 um 9:06 Uhr

Fixes quivers and bolts...i use it and it works perfect it just takes a fe minutes to understand it....but its possible even a dumbass like me could do it and i have been screwing around with skyrim since X-mas...(before fallout 3/nv so i know what im talking about)
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The other thing you can do is wear a cloak which fills in the gap.... mod out there called Cloaks of Skyrim, looks good, lots to collect
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