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SketchSlayer Feb 3, 2014 @ 4:35am
Dwarven equipment
Just a little curious why the equipment and robots are called dwarven when most other things the dwemer left behind when they pulled whatever vanishing act they did are called dwemer, unless arena or daggerfall has dwarves then the only dwarves I've come across any evidence on in TES games are the dwemer.

Unrelated note, I hope a later game delves deeper into the dwemer disappearance and the psijic order
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Ygolnac Feb 3, 2014 @ 9:03am 
The dwemer disappereance has been covered a lot in Morrowind, so i guess they did not want to make a repetition.

Regarding the relation of dwemer and dwarves, it is a very old discussion and a lot of people fought on it. Reason is that the game calls the dwemer objects "dwarven", but nothing makes you think that the dwemer were short and fat. In their ruins everything is human sized (chairs, beds, doors, halls, stairs, etc).

In Morrowind you get to see a Dwemer, but he had to change many parts of his body with mechanical things so it is difficult to descern how it looked, but in my opinion he doesn't really look like a dwarf like the classic ones, for example the Lord of the Ring ones.

IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN they should be some sort of elves, since the -mer suffix is used for all the races that comes from elves:

Alt-mer = high elves
Dun-mer = dark elves
Bos-mer = wood elves
Fal-mer = snow elves that became ugly monsters
Orsi-mer = orcs that got turned in what they are from elves

So i GUESS that

Dwe-mer = some sort of elves.
Norpham Feb 3, 2014 @ 9:20am 
Indeed you are right Ygoinac Dwemer means "deep-elves". We get the word Dwarven because when the Dwemer first game to Skyrim the Giants of Skyrim called them dwarfs due to the height difference and the name sort of stuck. @SketchSlayer, almost everything of the Psijic order comes from lore and what little you learn in Skyrim, as for the disappearance of the dwemer there are several theories. The one living dwemer you find in Morrowind says he was in the 'outlying realms' at the time and that's why he didn't disappear with the rest and that he looked for centuries for any others.
Brandybuck Feb 3, 2014 @ 9:21am 
Dwarves are not Tolkien dwarves, orcs are not Tolkien orcs, and elves are not Tolkien elves. Calling the Dwemer "dwarves" is just like calling the Altmer "elves".

Dwemer are the deep elves of Tamriel because they live underground. Dwe-mer. All of the elven races. But orcs and Dunmer were cursed and now look different. Dwemer probably appeared much like the Altmer, with as little difference as you would see between a Nord and an Imperial, for example.

p.s. You do get to see some Dwemer ghosts in Morrowind, and they appear much the same as Altmer, but with different style clothing and beards.
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SketchSlayer Feb 4, 2014 @ 12:30am 
I vaguely remember ghost dwemer in morrowind and I get that they would be a kind of elf but they are the only race I ever remember being called dwarven in the games and I played morrowind for a good 200 hours on an old non steam cd version I used to have, still a bit confused as to why half the stuff that I'm rather sure was left by them just due to where it is found is called dwarven when the rest is called dwemer.

Also where do you run into the cyborg dwemer? When I have spare cash I'll buy a steam copy of morrowind and I'd like to meet that guy since I'm pretty sure I never ran into him even on the playthrough that led me to that rather hard boss fight with the heart thing and the very easy to fall into lava.

And the whole psijic thing I'd just really like to actually get to travel to their land and learn about them from gameplay, the little I remember about them says they are rather focused on avoiding iteracting with people when it can be avoided and they just seem rather intreguing.

And I would really like to eventually find out what the heck happened to get rid of the dwemer since it seems every answer in all the games is speculation rather than an actual answer.

Also kinda hoping Bethesda announces a new fallout or tes game soon enough (tes online isn't bethesda from memory it's zenimax online)
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