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wfandrews54 Feb 1, 2014 @ 2:18pm
Undeleted NavMeshes
According to BOSS I have an udelted NavMesh in one of my mods which may cause problems. There is a link to a help file that shows how to remove undeleted NavMeshes using TES5Edit, which I have. My problem is the very first line in the tutorial which is "The errors will be listed in the EditorWarnings txt file in your Skyrim folder." I have looked everywhere in my Skyrim folder and can find no EditorWarnings txt file anywhere; can someone help?
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It's "Deleted Navmeshes"; but it's ok.

Navmeshes are basically tiles laid on the ground, which allow NPCs to move and travel along them. A navmesh basically tells NPCs where they can and cannot walk/run.

Thus, a deleted navmesh means a navmesh that is from the original/vanilla skyrim game was deleted and [most likely] replaced with another navmesh created by a mod.
Unfortunately, deleting items is a big no no. My understaning of the problem is, if your are running multiple mods, and if a mod needs to reference vanilla items [lets say a bush] and that bush is deleted by another mod, then when the first mod does reference that bush your game will instantly crash to your desktop. The same applies to navmeshes.

There are many places where you can read up on this subject; but the rule of thumb for me is:
-A deleted navmesh is worrisome when you use multiple mods that reference the same area the deleted navmesh is present at.

Thus, if a mod overhauls whiterun and has deleted navmeshes, then you should stay away from other mods that add "things" to whiterun.

Fixing Deleted Navmeshes can be tricky and is something I yet have to master [I still do not fully understand fixing them]. The best you can do is report the issue to the mod author, decide whether you want to continue to use the mod, and if you do then you need to limit other mods that affect the same area.

Hopefully others can chime in on the issue,
Good luck
wfandrews54 Feb 1, 2014 @ 8:11pm 
Tried to get hold of mod author which is recommended by BOSS but unable to. If anyone knows how to get hold of Applestormy so I can report the issue please let me know.
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