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Chysamere Quest
Right so I'm really struggling with this quest to get this two-handed sword. I can do just fine until the dragon at the end shows up and literally bends me over and over and over. I'm level 20 atm so I'm thinking it might be due to the fact that (this is my second playthrough) I've spread my abilities too thin and not focused on anything to this point.

Does anyone have any experience with this quest, the bloody dragon just keeps doing the bite animation that kills you in one go. Simply ridiculous.
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perico2palotes 24 Jan, 2014 às 4:28 
Some tips:

Distract the dragon with either a follower or a summon. Let the sidekick grab the aggro for you first.

Temper your armor. Brew some fortify smithing potions first, and try to craft some fortify smithing gear too.

Use paralyze poisons / weapons (these are expensive to buy, but profitable for enchanting then selling looted weapons). Even a 1 second paralyze will ragdoll the dragon, effectively rendering him helpless for 5-6 seconds while it gets up.

Use fortify health potions for a higher hp buffer (aka, smaller instakill window). Blue mountain flower + wheat is a dirt cheap, superb recipe you'll be using at level cap (sort to speak bc there's no cap as for now).

Use a shield and put some fortify health enchants on it. (If you haven't, put either fortify health or fortify light / heavy armor on your gear too.) Remember to temper your battle gear _first_, before you apply any enchants; unless you've got smithing lvl 60 and a certain perk you won't be able to temper your gear after it's enchanted.
dextonl 24 Jan, 2014 às 4:31 
Best to do this quest when you are above level 26 because the dragon is tough. I was level 30 and I had a hard time with the dragon. I would suggest you buff up with all the protection you can against fire, wear the armor you find by the shrinee, use dragonrend shout on him, go invisible and zap him with lightning spell, drink some health potion, keep staying invisible and continue using health potion and staying invisible. You are going to end up using a lot of health and invisible potions. Best to have invisible potions that last for 50 seconds but they are expensive. If you go close and try to hac and slash you will end up with a short life span. If you are using a PC the "i" key is your best friend because you need to be quick to access your inventory to consume the potions. Good luck
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