The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Skyrim Sale F.I.F.A.Q.*
Rule 1:

You need marbles. Marbles are life.

1.) I have the base Skyrim game if i buy the Legendary edition now will i,

a) get a free Skyrim
b) loose my mods,saves,whatever
c) two different Skyrim games in my library

a) No
b) No
c) No

2.) I bought the Legendary Edition, but only The Elder Scrolls Skyrim appears in my library!

-addition by Rhuto:
----If you own Skyrim before you bought Skyrim LE, you need to manually reg your Key code ----in "Games" "Activate a product in Steam", and then Steam will install your missing DLC:

-There is no visual differnce between the base game and the legendary edition.
-The legendary edition delivers the same game + the DLCs.
-You can see your DLCs:

---open the launcher->data files:
------>dawnguard.esm, hearthfires.esm and dragonborn.esm should be there, you can enable and disable them

---right click Skyrim in your library->properties->Downloadable Content:
------>your DLCs are listed there, you can enbale and disable them there

3.) Can someone,

a) gift/buy me the game
b) trade me X for this game


a) NO
b) Trading Forum

4.) My game doesnt work!

-please give us detailed information like,
a) Specs -> video card, processor, ram, operating system
--- if you dont know how to get that, ask us we can tell you
b) when does your game crash?
c) any error messages
d) if you want to save time, check THE MIGHTY GOOGLE or check one of the many other threads and pinned topics
e) post your mod loadorder, if you have any mods. ALL mods, dont hide anything, we wont laugh...

5.) Where can i find?
a) Mods (General Mods)?
b) the unofficial patches?
c) good/cool/awesome Mods?
d) SKSE?


a) Skyrim Nexus[], Skyrims Workshop section, LL if you dont know it ask one of your Skyrim friends
b) Here
c) Mods to Share with one another

6.) Is it worth it? (Or any DLC)

-Bro that depends on you, if you dont like the idea of the game, then dont get it.
-If you like the base game, get the DLCs, they add lots of cool new stuff for you

7.) My download doesnt start/is stuck!!!

-wait, be patient. Steams servers periodically experience a heavy load
-sometimes restarting steam is the key to such issues
-check this: grimus link
-Trigger 's post from a different thread:
Change your download region, click on Steam-top left-hand side of this page, then click on SETTINGS, the click on DOWNLOADS

8.) Will my DLC/Mod/Console Command disable my achievements or get me banned from steam?

Nope, nothing will happen.
remeber, steam offers a workshop and DLCs are official from Bethesda
DLCs are the same as mods.

Unlike New Vegas, the usage of console commands wont stop you from getting Achievements.

9.) My keyboard/mouse doesnt work!!!!!
-add this to SkyrimPrefs.ini
-you can also try and change the keyboard language to english
-MageThis Solution

It appears due to switching regions for d/l TESV people have been trying CDNs (servers) outside their country and hence borking the language match between their keyboard and Skyrim.
A possible solution is:
1. Click Start
2. Type is search box (it will run input) "osk" without quotation marks, to check verify layout.
3. Same as above but type "intl.cpl" without quotation marks and configure kb for language region to match your Skyrim.

Oh, yeah, don't forget to hit return after typing the command.

10.) Is this game COOP/Online?
-Modders are working on mods, that add this feature. Find more out using awesome Google. Search Skyrim Online just in case you dont know what to do...

11.) The DLCs sale is unfair/bad/stealing/trolling/screwing/*insert what you like*

You can:

a) buy the game and play it
b) forget the game
c) whine alone in your room
d) discuss that with your friends/family/pets


Rhutos awesome answer:

Why do they sell Skyrim LE so cheap?

It is to attract NEW CUSTOMERS WHO DON*T OWN SKYRIM, but they put the offerso low that it is equal 75 % off the DLC and take 16-18 cent for the game itself.

because that is to draw appels from grapes!

12.) Skyrim on MAC

You need windows emulation software, like Bootcamp or whatever GOOGLE can tell you.


This group has links to all tools and tutorials you need
*Malak: Frequently Ignored Frequently Asked Questions

The door is a lie, it allows you to get in but not out...

If i missed anything, i will add that later

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ok, now copy this to EVERYONE who has a question you have mentioned! well done :D
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sadly enough, it is NOT a lie :P
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This is amazing.
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