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Axelrand May 25, 2014 @ 4:57pm
Armor Skill Upgrades?
Seeing as how we're rationed on skill upgrade points, is it worth upgrading my light armor skill? I've got a well high rating, and it's all enchanted, yet I still have to be careful in fights with groups of enemies! I mean, surely your armor is either intact and working against any amount of blows, or it's damaged and needs repairing or replacing! I'm working towards high smithing skills, so I can craft Daedric and Dragon armors, but I'm thinking they're not light, so my efforts to get highly skilled in light armor won't apply. What's a Nord to do? :)
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wowszer May 25, 2014 @ 5:15pm 
The higher you go in smithing the better you can upgrade your existing armor. Then as you get more perks you can change from leather armor to elven armor to glass, and finally Dragonscale. And each is able to be upgraded after you craft it, for even more protection through several levels until you reach Legendary smithing. And if you get good at enchanting, or find some items that improve smithing, use them, notice the them, as they are accumulative to boost even higher. I have crafted armor that was several times over the maximum limit, and beleive that it has rolled over the count limit, showed low, but wooped everything.
Axelrand May 26, 2014 @ 5:37am 
Thanx wowzer. I'm currently at Lvl 71 Enchanting and Lvl 84 Smithing. I'm using a Light Armor strategy, to allow for more carrying and hopefully faster movement, so I'm nearly all Elven armor, apart from Krosis. I haven't found any items to enhance Enchanting, only potions and philters etc. Smithing I enhance via gauntlets, a necklace and ring, each of which gives a boost of about 20%, stacking to 60% (never too sure about stacking) I hope. I suppose I could craft an entire set of items with Smithing boosts, tho the table only allows some enchantments on certain items. My main concern is that the armor rating doesn't seem to make the sort of difference in combat that I expect from it's figures,.(I'm currently at an armor rating of 525! + enchantments) I just had to fight 3 bandits on Solsteim, with well armored Lydia's help, and ended up dead coz I didn't think I'd need to watch my health bar! So I wonder about upgrade effectiveness! Also, I'm guessing that the Ebony, Daedric and Dragon armors are all Heavy, (no idea about Glass) so I'd have to change strategy to use them, and I'm only in the 30's on Heavy Armor, so I'd need to train up loads too! Does anyone know how high your armor rating has to be before you can take on groups without having to do the fiddely delving into inventory/potions/health,health, health thing! :)
gnewna May 26, 2014 @ 6:02am 
Glass is light, as is Dragon...scale, I think? One of the Dragon options, anyway. Might be Dragonplate. Ebony and Daedric are heavy, yes, and switching to the opposite armour type can be a bit risky. Assuming you're not playing with SkyRe or anything like that, 525 is pretty close to the armour cap, actually, I think? About 40 points from it. What's your health pool like? It sounds like you could probably do with picking your armour type and starting putting at least a couple of perks into it - think of it as learning better how to defend yourself and use/maintain your armour, if you prefer. Other than that, try not to get hit too much, especially by anyone with a two handed weapon. One of the benefits of light armour is you can move more quickly, so get into the habit of watching when they're about to do a power attack and dodge out of the way. Even at the armour cap, you still take about 15-20% of the damage, and a 2H weapon can still be pretty deadly. Plus, everyone on Solstheim is pretty darned hardcore, compared to those softies in Skyrim ;)

There aren't any enchanted items to boost enchanting, same as there aren't any potions to improve alchemy (well, not without mods, and ignoring the Resto Loop because tbh I don't really understand it, but there's no Potion of Kickass Potion Making).
Clever Monkey May 26, 2014 @ 6:42am 
your AR caps at 567 when wearing 4 pieces of armor, 542 with a shield and 667 with no armor. so your basically maxed out AR.which stops 80% damage.
it sounds to me like you may have leveled too many noncombat skills too quickly. to know for sure, what is your level, weapon skill level?
As skill levels increase so does your character level but so does the enenies level. and they dont care about leveling speech and pickpocketing, or any other non combat skill. yes 1 or 2 will go up but for the most part npcs increase combat first which can leave you dead as you saw. they also dont level stamina if a mage or magicka if a fighter which means they put more into what they do use. for the most part what i say is true but there are cases that npcs will have a class given to them that doesnt follow those guidelines.
These are all factors to consider whern leveling but combat strategy can play the most important role in whether you win a fight or not. use shouts, spells, terrain and anything else you might have at your disposal including racial abilities
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Axelrand May 26, 2014 @ 7:24am 
Thanx Smile. I hadn't considered that my average enemies are levelling up with me, thought I just had to worry about boss fights. Thanx gnewna, you're my font of all Skyrim knowledge. :)
I can see now that my technique is lacking. In my defense, I was hoping my armor would help against those enemies of a group who stand off firing arrows or spells at me! As to Smile's point about spreading my points too thinly, I don't think I have, concentrating on armor, weapons and smithing largely. That's why I started this thread, to know if armor is worth spending my precious points on! I'm conflicted at present coz I've got a ton of loot in Breezehome, but no advances on the Speech tree, so it takes ages and careful planning to go on selling expeditions! I'd like to get the investor perk to help, but it's several precious points to spend in the speech tree! I think the Devs must like making us sweat over point allocation strategy. :)
gnewna May 26, 2014 @ 7:40am 
I never bother putting points into speech unless I'm playing with SkyRe/Requiem/other mods which make prices less favourable, or give more interesting benefits (i.e. higher level speech perks which make Shouts more powerful, perks that let you actually disguise yourself using certain outfits, etc). Unless you're aiming to become a millionaire, or you buy a lot of training at higher levels, it's pretty easy to become wealthy enough in Skyrim to buy multiple houses. If you grab as much as you and a follower can carry and do a circuit of various merchants, I bet you'll be a bit shocked at how many septims you come home with, especially if you've done any alchemy or enchanting. (Although if you're not using a 'richer merchants' mod/the console/that save-punch-reload glitch, you may have to do a couple of circuits to be able to sell everything, owing to low merchant gold).

Oh, and unless you have magic resist enchantments on it, armour will do exactly naff all against spellcasters. (There are things you can do to boost your magic resistance, such as one of the standing stones, or a quest for the Dunmer priestess of Mara in Riften).
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istvan_v May 26, 2014 @ 7:58am 
Originally posted by Axelrand:
Seeing as how we're rationed on skill upgrade points, is it worth upgrading my light armor skill? I've got a well high rating, and it's all enchanted, yet I still have to be careful in fights with groups of enemies!

With elven gilded armor, the best possible crafting skills/perks (allowing for 4x29% smithing enchantments, and 129% smithing potions), and a fairly high light armor skill (~72), two light armor perks (20% agile defender + custom fit) should be enough to reach the armor cap even without a shield. But with three perks (40% agile defender + custom fit), even a fairly low light armor skill could be enough. With glass armor, somewhat less light armor and/or smithing skill is needed, but obviously more smithing perks.

As noted above, armor rating alone gives no protection at all against magic attacks. So, you need resist fire/frost/shock/poison/magic effects instead. With maximum level enchanting, the extra effect perk, and light armor, one can build a rather overpowered character even on legendary difficulty, as multiple sets of double enchanted armor pieces can be carried and equipped as needed (a full set of elven armor + shield has a total weight of only 11). Note that elemental (fire etc.) and magic resistances are individually capped at 85%, but they stack multiplicatively, so having 85% fire resistance + 85% magic resistance is 97.75% fire resistance overall, which makes one almost invincible to that kind of attacks.
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Axelrand May 26, 2014 @ 10:15am 
Thanx all. I will have another look at crafting some more specific Elven armor + enchantments visa-vie the magic attacks. Also, I'm 1 point away from Glass Armor perk, so I can play with that soon. As for selling my loot, part of the problem is I only collect higher value items, smith them to the max (to get to 100 smithing for my Dragon armor), as a result I deplete standard merchants very easily! I'm slightly paranoid coz I lost a lot of stuff, inc Dragon bones and Scales, from my digs in Winterhold College, during the Eye of Magnus debacle! Now I'm Archmage, I still only keep some basics related to Magick in my quarters there. I guess I have become a bit fixated on selling stuff, maybe it's time to chillax on that front. :)
gnewna May 26, 2014 @ 10:25am 
I usually check whether merchants have anything nice to buy (filled soul gems, fancy ingots) before I sell them stuff, it's probably not the most efficient, but it does increase their cash pool, sort of. (Obviously don't buy stuff just for the sake of it, but if there's stuff that you need/will use...)
mpd1958 May 26, 2014 @ 10:40am 
Just curious, what is your health level? Even with great armor, a low health level can spell quick doom as it doesn't take much to rob you of it.
Axelrand May 26, 2014 @ 1:05pm 
Thanx gnewna, I do that already.
mpd. My basic health Lvl is 250, but I wear the Gaulder Amulet and have enchanted my Gilded Elven armor for health, so I usually travel at 314, which seems quite high to me, tho I don't know how far up I can go. So far I concentrated on health upgrades initially, but have tried to keep my stamina in the same area recently, which helps with carrying as well as blocking etc. Stamina is currently 320 actually, so I will be upgrading health next time. I've got a skill point in the bank, and I can spend it in Light Armor (Lvl 67) to upgrade my rating by 80% it says, which is why I started this thread, coz I'm not yet convinced that it will make a significant difference.
gnewna May 26, 2014 @ 1:28pm 
When you say you're fighting groups of enemies, is that all melee, or do you use ranged attacks to thin the crowd before you charge in? I usually try to do that (archery mostly, as I'm fairly terrible at most ranged magic, plus it rather tends to break stealth). If I find myself in a melee situation with more than about three opponents, unless I'm at, like, level 40 or something, I'm usually in trouble, tbh. Maaaaaaaybe if I'm in seriously heavy armour and they're *all* using one handed weapons, but anyone with a warhammer and I'm stuffed. It's usually possible to pick off at least one or two beforehand if you're dealing with bandits, falmer, etc - bit more tricky with draugr as often they're hiding in sarcophagi until it's too late... 320 stamina is quite a lot, I'd focus on health for now, or use the stamina for running out of fights (I believe the gamer term is 'kiting', when you try to draw one opponent away from the crowd (or draw an opponent near to friendlies who will help in the fight, such as guards)).
wowszer May 26, 2014 @ 1:59pm 
Learn the smithing skill from one of your items, then create more, different items that have the smithing skill on them. Then shove them into a container near the Enchaning table. a ring, amulet gloves, boots, helmet, and a suit of mail can all fit into one of those Apothecary pouches that always seem to show up near the table. Use a Grand soul gem, or black. Or get the Black Star. Using potions to increase enchanting effect, make a dual effect item that has fortify Alchemy and smithing, leave in house to conserve weight.
Axelrand May 27, 2014 @ 5:17am 
Thanx wowzer, already done the first part of your advice. Can't do dual enchanting yet.
Thanx gnewna. I normally do the ranged weapons thing, but occasionaly when fast traveling, I get spawned into a group of bandits. On Solstheim, I ran (coz walk isn't the default movement) up to a place that looked empty, then got quickly attacked by 3 bandits. It was this fight in particular that annoyed me, coz there were only 3 of them and I have a well armored Lydia to help, yet I died real quick it seemed! Admittedly, one of them was sort of glowing white, which is possibly Magickal protection, and he had a very strongly enchanted two handed sword. As you said before, it seems the enemies on Solstheim are a cut above Skyrim's, as the other two were wearing well heavy armor too! I guess it just seemed like a no big deal encounter, but was actually more like a mini boss fight that I wasn't expecting. :)
The other times I have group fight problems, are when either Lydia and/or quest helpers, rush into rooms/areas and attract/release loads of traps/enemies! Often, this is when I'm 'taking the lead' and in full sneak mode! Sometimes they can seem more like a hindrance than a help!
Finally, tho I see the strategy of 'kiting' and/or just running away, I am a Nord after all, and it just doesn't feel right somehow. :)
ps That stamina figure is boosted by Gaulder Amulet btw, but health is my priority now.
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