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Gypsy Piggly Jul 2, 2014 @ 6:48pm
Skyrim Help Me Run The Game Better
Alright so I got Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim Legendary Edition over the Steam summer sale. Fallout runs perfectly, but I can't run Skyrim for crap even on the lowest settings. The lagg is just terrible. I went to "Can you run it" before I bought Skyrim and it said I met all the minimum requirements and recommended requirements except for 1 that said I needed 1GB of Dedicated Video RAM and I only have 512 mb (which was what was on the minimum). Is there anyway to improve this issue?
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Gypsy Piggly Jul 2, 2014 @ 7:18pm 
bump for help plz
GuestVeea Jul 2, 2014 @ 7:26pm 
Buy a better system
Robbie Taliban Jul 2, 2014 @ 7:46pm 
what you can try is lower screen resolution in the game just check what resolution its on now and lower it till you like it.Maybe fall out uses a lower screen resolution and thats why its run smoother.
grimus Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:16pm 
Lower screen resolution, turn off shadows, and turn off AA. All this through the Skyrim splash screen OPTIONS sectioin. While in the OPTIONS section, advanced, lower everything else to min. and turn off all the water effects. From the DATA section of the splash screen turn off all mods and HR DLCs. As a last resort you could try this:

lt is hard to give advice without computer specs.

System specs:
At the Start menu, in the Open box, type "dxdiag" (without the quotation marks), and then click OK. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens. Click the Display tab. On the Display tab, information about your graphics card is shown in the Device section. You can see the name of your card, as well as how much video memory it has.

Then go here:

Graphic Settings:
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Gypsy Piggly Jul 3, 2014 @ 9:32am 
GPU Engine Specs
CUDA Cores
Graphics Clock (MHz)
Processor Clock (MHz)
Memory Specs
Memory Clock
Standard Memory Config
512 MB
Memory Interface Width

I think these are my graphic card specs
mpd1958 Jul 3, 2014 @ 9:43am 
I don't know your financial status , but if you have the money, invest in a more powerful Graphics Card. It will be worth every penny. (IMO)
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Gypsy Piggly Jul 3, 2014 @ 9:54am 
omg omg i changed my resolution and now it runs perfectly!! YAY TY FOR YOUR HELP!!
Juusto Aug 2, 2014 @ 8:49am 
with 512mb this game will never run right must be one of those trolls. Might be wrong but I think not since I would says at 32 cuda it's not even a gtx and this game is aimed at GTX'S. Get 2GB vram or better.
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