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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

DarkMachi 2014年8月9日下午6:04
3 Dragons at once in Solitude?????
So here is how the story starts, I just finished up the last bit of the Dawnguard quest line, killed her father so on and so forth, so I head to the close by city to sell the extra loot, Solitude.

No more than enter Solitude, I hear a dragon and everyone is running around for battle. I was a bit annoyed I just wanted to empty my bad and sign out. I look around and see a large dragon flying low over head. So I ended up running out of Solitude to hopefully lead the dragon out with me.

I come out far enough from Solitude, and ready my bow and not one, not two but three dragons where flying over my like they were part of an air plane show.

So like any logical person I started screen shooting pictures of all the dragons, while waiting for them to stop flying around so I could take them down. And after several good pictures of all of them, I noticed they haven't attacked or tried to land yet. So I shot off some arrows,spells and shouts at them and still nothing.

Finally I used Dragonrend and one landed on the near by stables. It was only then that I realizes these dragons where HUGE. The name of the dragons were "Heavenly Dragon".

I use some mods in game, but none deal with dragons and all of them I have been using for many many hours up to this point and never before have I found a dragon like this.

Skipping onward I was (barely) able to kill two of the dragons after an extremely long frustrating battle. Looking for the last one in was actually ATTACKING INSIDE Solitude.

SO hall my butt back to Solitude and all the people are still going crazy, some laid dead (oops), and after another battle I was able to kill the final "Heavenly Dragon" inside Solitude. The good old dragon land nicely on top of the Bard School all scary like and half of the population was laying around dead.

HAS SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE? HAS ANYONE ELSE SEEN A "HEAVENLY DRAGON"? (If it from a mod could you point me to where it is from, because I went throw all of mine and still can't seem to find a place where it came from).
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Papi Mana ? 2014年8月9日下午6:07 
Do you have the deadly dragons mod?
Papi Mana ? 2014年8月9日下午6:08 
I just recently installed that mod and ened up having to kill 1 frost dragon, 1 regualr dragon, 1 legendary dragon, and some megagon dragon that summons dwarven spiders
jaderive 2014年8月9日下午6:28 
引用自 #2_:3
Use Bend Will and ride that mofo.

From what Ive heard riding dragongs in skyrim isnt what it's carcked up to be, and quite boring your just fly around, unless you have a mod to do other

and you might try the o'l turniong one mod off at a time to see which it is ?
最后由 jaderive 编辑于; 2014年8月9日下午6:28
DarkMachi 2014年8月9日下午6:40 
So, here the Mods I currently have on:

The Nine great blades
Dawnguard Dark Ally - Radiant quests for Vampire
Run For Your Lives
Dragon Priest Mask Quest Markers
Jewelers Extended
Ademovoc's Crafting V1.6
Radiant Raiment Pack
Extra Extra Pockets
Civil War Clearnup
Extremly rich merchants
Rings of Old - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim (Dawnguard)
Chinese Blades
Lore Weapon Expansion - Goldbrand
Be a Milk Drinker
Digitigrade Khajiit + Argonian Raptor Feet
Better Vampires by Brehanin 6.6
Auto Unequip Arrows
Faster Vanilla HOrses
Blade of Woe Improved
Calleb96's Horses Improvement Mod
Destruction Redesigned V1.0
Bless this mess
Radical Racials by Owlburgers
Alchemy Redesigned V1.0
Smithing Tree Redesigned V1.8
Arrow of Sithis
Pickpocket Redesigned V1.0
Speech Redesigned V1.3
Better Nightingale Armor
Left Hand Rings
Shorter Shout Cooldowns
Duel - Combat Realism 7
Follower Trap Safety
Kill MOves - No blur
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Better Quest Objectives
Unread Books Glow
Real Assassin's
Radioreggae's Hair Workshop for Khajiit
Lockpick Pro
Hermit;s Tree House

---> By the way, after killing the last one, the bones all disappered and I haven't seen any other large dragons (only a blood dragon while walking around) and everything seems back to normal.
Papi Mana ? 2014年8月9日下午6:46 
I just looked in the wiki and there are no heavenly Dragons, but people are posting alot about them?
Mr Darewolf 2014年8月12日上午5:11 
Yeah, I have the same problem, came looking and found this thread. I also have the 9 blades mod, which i've just downloaded, and i see you do too.... so im thinking it's that
Mr Darewolf 2014年8月12日上午5:14 
It's also worth noting for corroboration, that Heavenly is spelt wrong, instead being spelt Heavanly... not a moan (well, it is kinda), just useful for identifying that it is infact the same problem
Grathagis 2014年8月12日上午7:10 
引用自 Mr Darewolf
It's also worth noting for corroboration, that Heavenly is spelt wrong, instead being spelt Heavanly... not a moan (well, it is kinda), just useful for identifying that it is infact the same problem
You are from Great Britain. How can you say it is spelled Heavanly instead of Heavenly ?
Mr Darewolf 2014年8月12日上午11:31 
I'm saying it IS Heavenly, not Heavanly as it says in the mod...
Grathagis 2014年8月12日上午11:36 
引用自 Mr Darewolf
I'm saying it IS Heavenly, not Heavanly as it says in the mod...
my mistake
DarkMachi 2014年8月13日上午8:52 
Mr Darewolf I think you are right, (and after looking at the screen shot names it was "Heavanly" not "Heavenly" in the game). Hehehe, I mean it t'was interesting, but it slowed my computer to a chung when 3 huge a** dragons appeared at once on me. >.<
Noppius 2014年8月13日上午8:59 
Just looked at the screenies. DAMM!!! that are big dragons! And you got 3 of them on you! I take of my hat for you Sir!
But no idea where they came from, never happend to me (and i'm very happy with that ;-)
IRMcG 2014年8月13日上午9:26 
I don't think it's your mods causing that, I got a Legendary and two Blood Dragons attacking me in Dawnstar playing Vanilla. Level 25 character, didn't end well lol.
Fabea 2014年8月13日上午9:55 
I have had 3 dragons at once attack me but I haven't come across these heavely ones yet, did you try to tame and ride one, perhaps the one inside the city?
Fabea 2014年8月13日上午9:57 
ps, I had no mods at all back then, I just played the game as it was given me.
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