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APoCaLyPSE NoW Jun 22, 2013 @ 9:16am
Egyptian : how to build his mage perfectly ?
I replay Loki since few. Last time was on retail version. But i didn't played so far than level 34.

I like this awesome class : Egyptian. I want a epic mage.

[Based on my Egyptian level 15, Horus 14]
At this time i'am Horus adept with :
+ Lightning (5)
+ Faith in Horus (5)
4 points left

On each level (first levels) :
+1 Vitality
+1 Energy
+3 Intelligence

But i noticed iam enought strong to kill monsters so i decided :
+2 Vitality
+3 Energy
Because more spells will become high in level, better cooldown you have, more mana you'll need. And Vitality help to stay alive, mage isn't tank.

About equipement, i use a staff for now. But i'am sure scepter + shield will protect me better.

I use lightning magic attack even if 2 sec cooldown is long. I reduce cooldown with "Faith in Horus". After reseting Mummy minion, usefull at begining but useless now because you need to summon mummy on each map, you don't have time to summon mummy at map entrance because too many enemies, mummy killed so fast by ennemies. So its better to decrease cooldown, increase %chance of critical spell, increase mana regeneration, increase elemental protections.

I don't know how many points you can allocate on each divinities (Ra, Horus, Seth).

I'am sure mage must be bi-elemental to survive and use skills about 3 divinities to become powerfull.

What about in another difficulties levels, i don't know. I you want to share your tips, guide, experience, you're welcome.
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OugaBooga Sep 13, 2013 @ 6:46pm 
This game is NOT that much fun, it gets boring cause so MANY things are re-used in the game.
Give ur self a break & go play a better game is ALL i can offer.................i tired to like this & AM wasting time trying to like it.
This game is BORING !!!..............................Sadly i didn't want to say that BUT it IS BORING.....too much is repeated over & over again.
APoCaLyPSE NoW Sep 13, 2013 @ 8:44pm 
Do you think others similar games are better & not repetitive ?

Diablo II & III, Torchlight I & II, Silverfall series, Dungeon Siege I & II, Titan Quest Immortal Throne, Path of Exile..., all are same boring. No other goal than to kill, kill & kill monsters massively. There are all Hack'n'Slash that mean clic 10000000 times your mouse button to kill monsters. The only difference lead to upgrade tree when you level up. Its only what you can do in that kind of games.
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OugaBooga Sep 13, 2013 @ 8:56pm 
i'll say this, i didn't even NEED to lvl my character up in the game, i had like 50 skill points & ONLY till the karnak lvl playing as egyptian did i need to use skill points to use weapons that SLAUGHTERED the enemy.
Game was prolly a blast when released but compared to more recent games it's not great.
i am having some fun with it, but it's starting to get repetitive cause the same characters i keep fighting.
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