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Here you'll be able to find user-created items for Lazy Galaxy. They might add some special bonuses that you might have been missing or simply make your gameplay much easier.
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Lazy Galaxy 1.0.1 patch: adjustments / minor fixes
Lazy Galaxy is released! 1.0 Release patchnotes
  • Space Engineers focus on quality ship building and item crafting. They provide boosts for tier 2 buildings.
  • Brotherhood of Relics offers increased relic productivity and moves a limit on building multiple relics, but it comes at a cost of spaceport.
  • Warrior's League focuses on combat, offering big boosts to ship health and damage but sacrificing scientific gains in the process.

- Building Templates: Save your current base build and quick-build it in the next galaxy
- Item stacking: Items now stack into stacks of 99

- Cooking: Can SHIFT+CLICK on an item to add up to 3 items from the same item stack
- Cooking: Added recipe book of items, that you discovered/crafted
- Cooking: Can select recipe to use ingredients of the highest possible level
- Cooking: Space Oven levels have a bigger effect on crafting speed
- Modding: Added ability to add your own supply boxes for your items
- General battle rewards will be automatically collected when jumping to next stars/galaxies
- Generals can be bought right after new game+ (if you can afford 'em)
- Item bonuses' summary will be now formatted according to notation settings

- Options: Keep building mode ON after placing a building, so you don't have to click "Build" button again
- Options: Start each space battle with open ship panels, that are closed, once battle starts
- Options: Screen Shake slider
- Options: Some of the options can now be changed during space battle
- Bugfix: Cooking timer will show after a timeout, if inventory is resorted (or lootboxes opened) after starting a craft, but before the timer shows up
- Bugfix: Custom fleets and generals should be available in first galaxy after starting new game+
- Bugfix: Offline progress will be properly calculated when returning from Mod menu
- Bugfix: Fixed FPS limiting option; it now should limit FPS properly (when minimized)
- Bugfix: Fixed the number of exp required for next candy
- Balance: increased space oven efficiency by 40% when it comes to calculating crafting speed
- Balance: scavenger starport bonus decreased from 10% per level to 5%
- Music: Two new tracks, one for battle, one for base

I think this concludes the large content updates for the game. From now on, we're moving to bugfixing mode :) Our plans might change because of the release.
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