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I'm glad to report good news!

The group of translators completed the translation of the text of version 5.17 into Russian. Among these translators and I.

I would like a little general words.
First, thank the developers for the wonderful game. Nowadays, there are few such games, and the development of capitalism has brought the game industry into the category of business, and players are viewed from the point of view of manufacturing firms, mostly as consumers of ordinary goods. Find a game that would set the original goal of the entire video game industry, rather than making a profit, is now a rarity. But in Dominions we do not have luxurious graphics here that eclipses other aspects, we do not have a limited story of this game, and most of all images and plot are left for the player's imagination, and the great creative potential of the game resources allows creating new worlds and nations, fueling interest of fans.

Translation of the game was planned as early as 2013, but attempts were unsuccessful before the release of the 5th part, as integrated fonts appeared.

A team of translators was assembled, the composition of which changed during the work process, and at the moment also varies - everyone has their own affairs, their lives and work was done in their spare time. We did not pursue and do not pursue financial interest now - it's just an attempt to make a game from the community of English-speaking players to the community of Russian-speaking players. As far as this goal was a success it is still unknown. Only closed testing was conducted.

At the moment that we have up to version 5.17:
Translated all the names and descriptions of monsters
All spells and their descriptions are translated
All events
Translated all artifacts
All nations
Translated all the proper names of heroes.
All in-game resources
All abilities
In-game events

In progress - all text, integred after 5.17, all interface items, all mercenaries, custom names of Gods, finding of bugs and

At the moment we are faced with a number of difficulties, and we ask the developers' help for the subsequent possibility of integrating the translation into your game.

First, some of the words in Russian have a double meaning, different from the meaning in English - here there were difficulties with interpretation. For example, Move - English denotes both an action and a noun. In Russian, the verb move and the noun have a different spelling. So with some words.
Secondly, different length of words in Russian and English languages ​​in some places leads to the loss of the text or its going beyond. we used a translation program that can not determine a number of characters that are not available in Russian, so a number of texts and names were not available for localization.
Ignorance of the program part has led to the fact that the whole text was translated, and even the one, which, apparently, should not be changed. This led to the inoperability of the file, but, in general, was eliminated. Among other things, only -windows version of game were available for us, it was not possible to find text from other platforms.
We used the Cyrillic alphabet based on the English text, since the translation in Cyrillic resulted in malfunctions of the game, and the Cyrillic alphabet remained only in the integrated fashion file.
However, in general, if you compile a new or separate from the original file - it will be possible to introduce the text in Russian.

We would like to know if there is such an opportunity if we provide you with the translation texts. Without your help, localization will be incomplete and we need a custom replacement of new text of mods, maps and other, that will be incorrect sight with localisation...

The work was conducted since December 2017, at the moment 89% of the text is translated except for the newly introduced.
Translation team:
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Thank you for your hard work bringing Dominions to a wider audience.
GOOD FOR YOU!:steamhappy:
That's very impressive. I hope Illwinter will answer, that would also greatly encourage fans of other languages in doing the same thing.
Impressive work, looks really nice.
Diergato Jun 12 @ 6:12pm 
Good job, hope it increases popularity among russian gamers.
Andrej_S. Jun 13 @ 12:54pm 
Originally posted by Diergato:
Good job, hope it increases popularity among russian gamers.
Thanks, i too.))
Now one other problem - is the monster #reqmon in original game events use number or monster's names?
With use of localised files i got miss a event chains.
IIRC #reqmon can use either an ID or the monster name, as such:

#reqmon 1010


#reqmon "Angry House-cat"
How can I get the Russian version? Is there a public release yet?
Originally posted by Bone Tomahawk:
How can I get the Russian version? Is there a public release yet?
We waiting for answer of developers, not yet public release.
r0sshk Jun 25 @ 9:19am 
You should send them an email. Official email address of the devs is:

info AT illwinter DOT com
Originally posted by r0sshk:
You should send them an email. Official email address of the devs is:

info AT illwinter DOT com
Thanks, i try!
I send info to Johsn's e-mail, but for this day no answer...
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