Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

QoL / Balance Suggestions
Post here any QoL (quality of life) or balance ideas you may have. I'll start.

QoL: Custom heros idea
Basically Give players the opportunity to create a fully customizable hero lists (each containing upto ten heros). When starting a game you would choose which list you want to draw your heros from. Naturally there would be default hero lists that could also be used.

QoL: Ressurrecting heros
In AoW3 Rezzing heros was done through a spell. A spell that would pop up randomly on the spell book. Big pain in the ♥♥♥ meaning hero loss was pretty much permanent. Well Here I am suggesting some thing different. Have hero rezzing be apart of the tech, civil side. Whether its out right cloning or some form of cellular regeneration of the cadaver (as part of the lore) have it done at a building. Hero rezzing would naturally take a few turns ( say like 5). With upgrades to the tech lowering the time / material exspenses. Each building would have its own maintence cost and can only rezz one hero at a time as part of the normal build que. And there is no rushing the thing.

Balance Idea : Militias Building chains
When I read the idea that you would be able build buildings that would post a garrison for the city while the army was away I was exstatic, what I am posting by bullet point is some first thoughts on the matter.

- Don't let the militia have more than two stacks at the main colony, one being made from factions main troops, the other one having units from the secret technologies tree. Neither should have a t4 unit in the mix. ( Exception being factions capital, even then it would require its own building.)

- The militia building chain should branch a bit to allow you customize your arsenal.

- The militia shouldn't level from fights, but instead level from the building chain and the tech tree.

- The militia chain should have a maintence cost, cheaper then garrisoning the same units there. This can be affected by the tech tree.

- You should be able to chose module lay out for the militia from the colony overview screen, each stack would have its own selection.

Thats it for now thanks for reading.

If you got comments or ideas by all means POSTEM HERE!
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BBB Feb 19 @ 8:19am 
"You should be able to chose module lay out for the militia from the colony overview screen, each stack would have its own selection."

I like the rest of the suggestions but think this one would be a bit too much busy work.
Originally posted by BBB:
"You should be able to chose module lay out for the militia from the colony overview screen, each stack would have its own selection."

I like the rest of the suggestions but think this one would be a bit too much busy work.

what I meant and I should have wrote it a little better, was that you would a premade selection for each stack you would be able to choose from on the fly speacilizing that stack to say be anti infantry or anti vehicle or say a balanced choice.
More ideas to add on to the pile.

Balance : Heros acting as seventh member of a stack.
Heros aren't apart of a normal stack but occupy a speacilized seventh leadership slot seperate from the regular forces. This would prevent heros from being stacked together like before.

QoL / Balance Allowing defenders to retreat.
One of the things that always got in the AoW series was the fact that a defender couldn't retreat. I would like this to change for Planetfall. My suggested rules for a defender escaping. The option only would only be avaible to the player if he has enough movement points left to initiate a retreat. The units in question lose normal movement loss like they were the attackers retreating.

Balance : Damaging scaling
One of the frequent request from the playerbase concerning the AoW series was that unit damage should scale with its health. Well here I am going to suggest a method for the scaling that would be used in this. First lets break into two types of scaling, multi model units and single model unit. In both types the unit would take a damage penalty at certain breaking points. For multi model units like the vanguard troopers, this would happen in proportion to the units number of models. For single model units like the laser tank and heros, they would have there own specific breaking points applying a damage penatly and possibily a movement penatly as well. And naturally techs and mods can and should reduce this penalty significantly.

thats it for now Cheers!
Edited to ad Damage scaling idea.
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Feature : Savable Custom mod manager list
The mod manager idea I think is great in game customizing units and such. That said I think there use is going to be a little cumbersome for people. Having to make said unit modifications in game, again time consuming. So this is what I am asking for, allow custom listing to be made and saved for uses between games. Even edited and created out side of the game. Modded Units whose base unit you can produce but don't have the mods for would be redded out. Modded units who require Secret technologies that you didn't select at game start wouldn't even be listed.

Feature : Player resurgency
Basically if conquest isn't checked as a possible victory condition, what this would do is a few turns after a player is booted from the game via conquest he respawns with his commander, his last hero some units and a colonizer. Strength of the units he spawns with gets stronger as the game progresses and draws from his modded unit lists, even if he doesn't have the tech for so long as he has the proper secret tech to eventually get the mods neccessary. This goes through out the game till a predefined victory condition is reached. If conquest is enabled for a victory condition then at game setup a number player resurgencies can be decided on.
Saereth345 Mar 17 @ 10:37pm 
Feature : Arsenal raiding
Basically as a covert op or maybe a perk of conquest have so that when a player takes a city, they may reach in to the defending players arsenal and loot an object or two out of that player's arsenal. I suggest this because one of the nice things about AoW3 was the fact that Items got passed around as part of the conquest loot from other players when heroes got whacked. And sometimes the win here was pretty hefty. One way to facilitate this under the new arsenal system would be move the old player inventories to the cities, the interface wouldn't need to change neccasarily just when you hit send to arsenal, you get a brief popup asking for which cities arsenal. Drawing from the arsenal would garner pretty much the same interface you have now but with the items labled on where they currently are now. As for the slots avalable, lets say at base each city has 10 slots (faction modifier applies here), each faction / secret tech would give a building that added slots as a side effect to what ever else it was doing.
Saereth345 May 12 @ 12:04am 
Expansion Idea : Tigran NPC faction
This idea is for a Expansion for AoWPf; concerning lore surrounding a NPC Tigran faction. Essentially the Tigrans began as several gene splicing chimera experiments done by terra tech on several worlds through out the Star Union. What was reported as a mistake in the gene editing gave a series of mammals mainly tigers, hummiod shape and higher intelligence. The reality of what happened though was a bit different, the 'mistake' was not a mistake but part of a deliberate effort to manufacture a new slave species specifically for a syndicate house that needed the extra muscle as part of an effort to expand its criminal enterprise. However the plan was leaked out and a number of Sentient animal activist got involved in a big way preventing them from ending up another slave species. That said there role was to be different to that of the kirkiro, occupying the role of expendable warriors for there masters. Since this happened with in the last one hundred fifty years of the star union's existence there numbers were never very great.
- As for two primary damage sources, I will say Arc and kinetics.
- Primary infantry would be the 'shredder', its weapon would fire magnetically charged blades that split the damage between arc and kinetics.
- Most of the vehicle type units would be large chimera type creatures with advance weaponry cybernetically mounted to them.
- All the 'vehicle' chimera units have a natural in combat regeneration trait for them.
Saereth345 May 12 @ 12:37am 
Expansion Idea : Out Worlder Player faction
Defeated Syndicate houses were not the only exiles to the outer worlds as part of the Star Union's formation. A number of Mercenary Clans were cast out as well. Those that would not bend to the coin of the syndicate houses took to raiding those syndicate houses, outlying star union colonies and trading routes both with in the Outer worlds and the Star Union. These activities largely got stopped in the wake of the void storm. How ever with void storm subsiding the clans find themselves restless and hungry for plunder.
- The factions two damage types would be PSI and explosives.
- Most of the light biological infantry units are fast moving melee units that use deadly psi blades and have a high dodge modifer to range attacks while moving or after moving more then 3 tiles that turn.
- Vehicles utilize deadly explosives.
- Scout unit is also a scalvege unit that can steal mods off of defeated enemy units, and is the only infantry unit with a dedicated range weapon. (grenade launcher)
- The faction would be themed after the mongols.
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Expansion Idea : Undersea bases
The idea here is to add a second lair to the main map. Unlike AoW series with its interlocking underground map. Here what I am suggesting is a fully integrated underwater section to the map with its own (admittingly large) regions that obivously worked differently then the top side normal regions.
- Under water settlements would be built for access to rare resources that would be difficult to find top side in abundance.
- While there would be some buildings that produced energy most buildings (particualry resource producing buildings) would cost energy.
- Undersea settlements would have low pop caps.
- Settlements would be capped at three levels.
- One resource per settlement level maybe harvested from a selection of five or so resources.
Expansion Idea : Secret Technology : Neptune Project
The Neptune Project is built around primarily expanding a factions presence at sea both top side and beneath the sea. For this Project it should contain ;
- A strategic operation known as "Neptune's Wrath" which consist of detonating undersea bombs generating Tsunami's against a coastal region damaging units and settlements in that area and shutting down the site for two turns.
- The project is light on units just featuring a powerful T4 ocean going unit with a flexible weapon / function setup through specilized mods.
- What it lacks in units, it make up for in mods expanding sea going role of preexisting units.
- Project Neptune's primary purpose is in the expansion and use of undersea infrastructure for undersea settlements. Not for just resource gathering but security as well.
- Project Neptune's most powerful function however is a structure known as a thermal tap. Unlike other infrastucture buildings this one takes an entire city slot. Its primary function falls in line with the doomsday weapon once activated, its secondary function however is simply to produce energy. Something it does in great abundance( something like 100+ energy). Thermal Taps can only be built in certain locations tinging into there doomsday function.
- The doomsday weapon for Project Neptune involves the Thermal Taps primary use once fully activated, and placed near an Ice Glacier the thermal tap will tap the planets core producing a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF HEAT aimed at the glacier melting it with intentions of flooding the planet. All glaciers need to be tapped. for this to work starting the doomsday countdown.
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