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The Voices Through Followers v1.0.1 [mod]
This is the full version of a new mod I'm working on (previously called "The Medium").

The Voices Through Followers[]

"The Mansus holds many entities which cannot speak to us. But I have found amongst my followers those who can become attuned, and give Voice to those who will not speak. They have knowledge, but they also hunger."

Known Issues:

If you are using another mod that causes the "talk to follower" functionality to no longer work as expected, or that does not allow for actions on a Mansus way, then you will need to rename this mod's directory so that it comes AFTER the others. For example, rename this mod from "medium" to "z_medium".


v1.0.1 - Fixed the level 1 medium recipe to only accept the used materials. It used to allow extras that were never used.
v1.0.0 - Initial full release.
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wet Jan 10, 2020 @ 3:24am 
Thank you. It looks beautifully done.. granted ive barely used it so far, but explored its files while trying to fix what I had that was conflicting. (It was 'smooth sailing'. It was negating the new subject option, as both your mod and his mod altered talking to someone, which is fine if provided that only one file is made to do both. I know almost nothing about moddery but i know that much 'n I can work a text editor! :3 )

-- I was staggered at what I saw! Youve created something that adds a whole gameplay structure to increase our variety of activities and gives interesting new tactics to get things. which is a rare and special feat that clearly took effort, but most significantly you did it in a way that was highly flavorful. That is beyond rare. You are so worthy of exaltation. I salute you. :redwizard::defaultstaff:
ive got no idea about playability and balances n whatnot though.

also medium lvl 1 + wood seems to only want potent mediums and higher juices. I havnt figured out why corpse/prisoner is tagged too, but hesitantly suggest it couldve been made clear in the hint that it was gonna be tough to satisfy, if im right about what it wants? :0 It becomes visible to a player so long before theyre likely to get to use it, and its a waste to process a whole talk just to check for options.
Last edited by wet; Jan 12, 2020 @ 1:07am
Thanks! I was wanting to add something that kept to the same flavor as the original.

You're right about the medium lvl 1 + wood, though. It should just require "ingredient" and not corpse or prisoner.
Thanks again, @dni, for the bug report and finding the issue with the conflicting mod. I added a fix for the issue, and discovered why the Smooth Sailing mod conflicted with this one.

The issue with the conflicting mod is that it overwrites the `alternativerecipes` section of the `talktofollower` recipe, which nullifies the changes made by this mod. By having this mod load after it, it allows the updates to the alternativerecipes to be preserved.
wet Jan 15, 2020 @ 3:06pm 
Me and ol' red jesty are getting along just swell. He knows some quite useful things, though he does tend to bite. Gotta mind your fingers around that guy.
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