Yorkshire Gubbins

Yorkshire Gubbins

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Stairfall Institute  [vývojář] 18. říj. 2017 v 9.24
General Advice
Here's general advice on how to solve games like this. It's good for nearly all point and click adventures, too.

- Make sure you've found every area. It's sometimes easy to miss exits.
- Have you talked to every character? - If a character keeps saying the same thing over and over, that usually means that's a hint about what they want.
- Have you picked up everything that can be picked up?
- Have you 'Looked at' everything in your inventory and the world?
- Have you actually tried doing the thing you want to do and seen what happens?

We try to make sure that the obvious verb is the one that works. Often multiple verbs will have the same effect, where that makes sense.

It's okay to be stuck. The pleasure in these games is sitting down, taking your time, thinking things through and then feeling good because you did. Don't get frustrated. Do things the Yorkshire way: Get up, have a cup of tea, see if the answer pops into your head.

Good luck! May your Gubbins be Forever Yorkshire.
Yorkshire Gubbins > Obecné diskuze > Detaily tématu