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The adventure mode of the other characters have the same duration as the main history?
I just finished the main missions with Sonic and want to start with the adventure mode of the others characters but inside me I'm hoping a shorter time playing, I don't want to spend the same amount of time that I spend with Sonic, so like how much time will took me finish those histories?

Sorry for my bad english :P
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Ѕakif X9 Jun 7, 2013 @ 8:58pm 
No it doesn't all thier stories are shorter

Kyogre Jun 8, 2013 @ 1:47pm 
Sonic visits 10 stages (all except Hot Shelter) and has 7 bosses (5 major, 2 minor).

Nobody else comes close.

Tails only gets 5 shortened stages and 5 bosses (3 major, 2 minor).

Knuckles gets 5 stages with randomly generating pieces of Emerald to find and 4 bosses (3 major, 1 minor).

Amy has 3 decently sized stages with a final boss fight.

Big has 4 fishing missions that can be done quickly if you know Froggy's locations with a boss fight that can either take five seconds or five minutes depending on how nice the game is to you.

Gamma gets 5 stages, with the final three having a miniboss at the end. He also gets an additional minor boss and 2 major bosses.

(Note: These summaries do not include time exploring the hub world and minigames)
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