POSTAL 4: No Regerts

POSTAL 4: No Regerts

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Running With Scissors  [developer] Oct 14, 2019 @ 5:45pm
Updates and hot fixes thread
We will update the game pretty frequently, many times daily, to fix bugs and improve the game.

We released at version 0.1.0 with the following hotfix:

Hotfix: Dogs not being able to get into the Animal catcher shack. Some level designer ♥♥♥♥ed up at the last minute :HEALTHFUL:

We'll post further updates here with their changelogs.
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Running With Scissors  [developer] Oct 15, 2019 @ 8:59am 
Steam build Number: 0.1.2

  • Fixed various mapping bugs (Floating assets, holes in terrain, certain assets not having collision and more)
  • Fixed the Animal Catcher van getting stuck if the dog is removed from the dog drawer while in motion.
  • Oculus VR should no longer launch with the game
  • Addressed an issue where the Dude would continually mention that he should check out what Champ found, even after leaving the first area
  • Fixed bullet wounds appearing on pawns if damaged with melee weapons or peed on

  • Intro and Outro movie scenes can be skipped regardless of whether they've been seen
  • Moved event messages to the lower left corner so they're not obscured by the version text
  • Removed debug functions from the numberpad keys

  • Added an Invert Y option for mouse control
  • Weapons will now be reloaded when dual wielding
  • Holstering weapons is now also bound to a keyboard key ‘V’
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Running With Scissors  [developer] Oct 16, 2019 @ 3:51pm 
Steam build Number: 0.1.3

  • Fixed numerous mapping bugs (Floating assets, holes in terrain, certain assets not having collision, non-functional pickup placement, being able to see NPCs through walls, and more), replaced some placeholder assets
  • Machete boomerang now dismembers NPC’s one again
  • The invisible NPC should no longer show up
  • Shock particles from the Tazer Baton should no longer wig out
  • Fixed a crash that would occur after destroying windows
  • Fixed head explosions and decapitations
  • Urine no longer breaks windows

  • How to play screen now explains how to holster your weapon (Middle Mouse Button and the V key)
  • Increased Shotgun headshot distance (Should be easier to blow up heads now!)

  • Cutting wound splats
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Running With Scissors  [developer] Oct 17, 2019 @ 3:32pm 
Steam build Number:
  • Removed broken Buckshot pickup from Penitentiary
  • Grenades are now removed from your inventory when depleted
  • Performance improvements
  • Various mapping fixes
  • If you die after completing the prison errand and leaving the area, you’ll no longer get sent back to a checkpoint within the prison, leaving you locked up for good
  • Based on your feedback, we replaced the Beggar Sign marker with a new model. With the old model, it was kind of difficult to tell that it was a marker
  • Implemented new Keypad mesh (Prison Guard errand)
  • Nothing today, but watch this space!
Running With Scissors  [developer] Oct 19, 2019 @ 2:51pm 
Steam build Number:

  • the ability to go into Third person with the ‘N’ Key. This feature is experimental and won’t be fully supported for a while, but it works well enough for you to have some fun with.
    Note that P4 will always be designed primarily around being a first person shooter first and foremost.
  • a checkbox for Mouse Smoothing and turned it off by default

  • the how to play screen updated to show V for holster and J for taking screenshots (which are used for the feedback menu)
  • the male heads so they should now be ‘lighter’, for games of head soccer!
  • Some textures on the phone UI

  • various mapping issues
  • the missing jumping and landing animation on the offhand weapon when dual wielding
  • the ammo counter going into the negative when dual wielding
  • the doggy treats inventory items not being removed when eaten
  • three separate crashes related to StopWeaponAnim
  • multiple scooters spawning at the scooter stations
  • a problem where the foot would display over the ‘find a job’ sign
  • Ragdolls and gibs not going to ‘sleep’ when not active. Might help performance when on a rampage
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Running With Scissors  [developer] Oct 23, 2019 @ 8:18am 
Steam build Number:

  • key rebinding first pass, it’s now possible to rebind your controls from the options menu. It’s missing a duplicate key warning, and for the love of god do not press ‘Restore Defaults For This Page’ while in a game or you’re going to have a bad time (it’s okay to do it from the main menu, though).
  • sounds for the ladder when climbing, jumping on and off, and sliding. Sounds are placeholders for now and will be improved.

  • some overly bright materials to be darker, to conform the look of the game better (ongoing)
  • controller button binding key textures to use the custom P4 font

  • a crash related to asking someone for a job after setting them on fire
  • NPCs puking perpetually
  • the beggar sign not replacing the hands depending on the message choice
  • a bug where a silenced shotgun would not function properly
  • ragdolls deforming when they are supposed to be inactive
  • various mapping issues reported on the forums
  • being able to interact with interactable objects through walls

  • further work on Optimization, most people should be a few FPS higher in the worse areas now. Work on this will be ongoing.
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Running With Scissors  [developer] Nov 1, 2019 @ 2:46pm 
Steam build Number:

  • Vitamin X powerup! Once the Dude has consumed one of these, he’ll get the following buffs:
    -Super strong urine stream! It will not only break windows, but also knock over NPCS!
    -Machete will dismember NPCs with the primary fire and no charge time!
    -Melee attacks are faster
    -Dude’s movement speed increased
    -Kicking NPC’s will knock them over
    -More buffs will be added in the future
  • Crouch Toggle checkbox to the controls
  • Hud customization! For now just the one option, and that’s the ‘Classic’ P2 hud, you can find it in the options under gameplay.
    Cosmetic skins for some of the weapons, go check them out, selectable from within the phone menu! Sadly, we forgot to implement a microtransaction system, so guess you get them for free…
  • Ambient sounds to the outdoor areas, and prison
  • Toilet to the Antiques store! You’re welcome!

  • The ladder sounds
  • Prison security code screens
  • Female heads so they should be easier to kick around
  • Lighting and shadowing inside various buildings, mostly in houses and the prison area

  • "Reset Defaults" in control binding menu causing all bindings from that menu to be disabled for the current game session
  • incorrect dude lines being used in the sign beggar errand
  • glasses clipping into NPC’s faces
  • various crashes
  • minor scooter bugs and general polish

  • Saving system is still coming along but not quite ready for show time yet
  • We are in the process of taking on someone full time to focus on nothing but optimization

Running With Scissors [S]  [developer] Nov 10, 2019 @ 11:58am 
Steam build Number:


  • New scooter textures and colours
  • More ambient sounds to levels
  • Population setting ('Low', 'Medium' and 'High' in 'Performance' settings)

Changed / Improved

  • Updated the credit screen
  • Made Vitamin X Kick more powerful!
  • NPCs in Sewers
  • Spurt’n’Squirt now turns on the pilot light when changing to Gasoline
  • Impact sounds from weapons such as the AK
  • Replaced more placeholder textures
  • Lighting optimization
  • Weapon textures
  • Fluid collision system to better sync NPC hits


  • Crash when changing HUD types from the main menu
  • Classic HUD reverting to the new HUD icon for empty inventory slots
  • Beggar Sign not being removed from your inventory when seeing Bellow early
  • Various mapping bugs


  • Saving coming next week! We are just testing now and ironing out some bugs, but they’ll be in the next update.
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marciN  [developer] Nov 17, 2019 @ 11:04am 
Steam build Number:


- Saves! Yup, that fundamental feature that you’ve all been waiting an entire month for! Saves are not yet in their final form, but they are good enough to now showcase and make use of. As of now they allow you to:
  • Save anywhere when not inside a mission area (Prison/Sewers) and it’ll remember your position, completed errands and current inventory
  • Load from your last save at any point in game
  • Resume from your last save/checkpoint from the main menu

There are a few features still missing and will be addressed in a future update:
  • It’s not possible to save your location and position from within some errand maps such as the Prison/Sewers. Although if you die in Sewer or Prison, you'll still be able to respawn from the last checkpoint you hit
  • There are no save slots yet, only your previous save/checkpoint is remembered
  • It takes longer to load from a save than we’d like, but this will improve as we work on the streaming system
- A couple cheats to allow you to warp around the world a bit easier, mostly for our internal testing but you guys might find them helpful. Press ‘T’ to bring up the talk bar and type the following to wrap yourself to a location:
  • /TurtlePower (Teleport to the Sewers)
  • /DoNotPassGo (Teleport to the Prison)
  • /INeedAJob (Teleport to the Job Agency)
  • /SPCA (Teleport to the Animal Catcher area)
  • /OneStarMotel (Teleport to the Ending Motel building)

Few notes:

- Note that these do not automatically complete any errands, it’s just a way to quickly travel between areas
- We will be adding the ability to manually save from inside the Sewer and Prison in a future patch!


- We’ve tightened up our Anu’s ready for you to go deep into and explore! The Anu’s inn building was previously a thrown together placeholder building that was inaccessible and had a ridiculously high in poly count for what it was. It’s now far better looking, all rooms are open to explore, and it’s less likely to contribute to melting your PC components
- Various updates and improvements to level design in some areas, and minor performance updates
- Ambient sounds in some areas across the game, most notably the Laundromat
- Replaced placeholder Ammo textures


- Some weapons not correctly reflecting light, so they no longer appear black in some areas
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marciN  [developer] Nov 18, 2019 @ 2:29pm 
Steam build Number:


- Crash related to an Armor pickup
- NPC's respawning in position right after they had been killed
- Optimized collision on various models, should help performance a bit some areas
- Optimized LOD's on foliage
marciN  [developer] Nov 21, 2019 @ 2:37pm 
Steam build Number:


- Save slots! You guys will no longer be limited to a single "save slot". With this new system, you can use as many save slots as you like (Unless you are brave enough to make a thousand slots in which case the game will probably crash... But who cares, go crazy! The game is your oyster)
- [W.I.P]
Dude-Eye Targeting for the Revolver! Still missing HUD art, and it might cause a crash or two in some situations, but we put it in so you guys can start playing around with it :)

What is Dude-Eye Targeting?

Killing enemies with the Revolver fills up an execution meter (Currently only a placeholder text) and allowing use of the alternate fire. When 'Right Mouse Button' is held, you can pass the targeting reticle over any human enemies in the immediate area to mark them. When released, the Postal Dude will automatically shoot for their heads, killing them instantly.

You might be familiar with it if you've played Paradise Lost, the general idea is pretty much the same in POSTAL 4 but we made some much needed improvements (Although not all of them made it into this patch). For example, the targets are now sorted even after you've marked them in a weird order. That and combined with the fact that your entire view no longer turns helps add to the weapon's look and feel or clean and efficient aim.

You will probably notice some bugs which we are already fixing as we speak, we will also be implementing proper art, and adding in some cool animations.

- Crosshair when wielding Melee weapons

- ‘Quit to Desktop’ button in Game Menu


- Polished up Weapon screen UI (Changed/Resized font to keep the design more consistent across the board, fixed text cutting off)
- Replaced various placeholder UI icons
- Increased Boomerang Machete speed
- Replaced Vomit ammo type with Urine (Spurt'n'Squirt 9000)
- Decreased thrown trail opacity (Grenade/Molotov)
- Implemented keypad button press artwork
- NPCs will now start with full magazines


- Molotov fire not having any sound
- Optimized collision on more models
- Not being able to explode Sewer Dwellers’ heads
- Head gibs floating in mid-air, often seen in the Prison
- Water Effects appearing when getting off the Scooter
- Being unable to respawn when dead whilst on the Scooter
- Shovel freaking out bystanders
- Inconsistent HUD/Phone health and armor display
- Control menu locking out the rest of the settings
- Champ not “pointing out” key items in starting area
- Fluids causing door sounds to play continuously
marciN  [developer] Dec 12, 2019 @ 9:34am 
Steam build Number:


Important Note: Some of you guys might crash when you launch POSTAL 4 after this update. In order to fix this properly on our end, we need to wait for the next update patch for Unreal Engine 4.23 which should hopefully be coming out soon. Thankfully, there is a very easy workaround for this:

1. Right click on POSTAL 4: No Regerts in your Steam Library, and go to 'Properties'
2. In the 'General' tab you'll see a 'Set Launch Options...' button, click on it3. A new window will pop up, enter the following command into the text field: -windowed and hit 'Okay'[]
4. Once you've done that, launch POSTAL 4 and it should boot up without any issues


- Settings app / Radio System! We added a new radio station which can be played directly from the new 'Settings' app.

We will be expanding it as the development goes on; more songs, DJ banter, Phone Ins, News Commercials etc.

Currently, the Settings app will allow you to do the following:

- Access the 'Game Menu'
- Enable/Disable Edensin Radio
- Switch between HUDs (We should have a new one coming out very soon!)

- [W.I.P] Limb Weapons You asked for it and we delivered! Simply walk up to a severed limb of your liking...or a head and pick it up with 'E'.

It's worth noting that this system is not finished, we plan on making a few improvements to it in the coming weeks, such as (but not limited to):

- New, better sound effects
- Improved textures on severed limbs (This includes blood you see on dismembered parts)

Later down the line, we are also going to allow you to throw them at people and maybe even bowl the heads! Basically, you'll have other ways to abuse people with them :D

- New Dude-Eye HUD textures and Revolver fanning animations

- Mobility Scooter sound effects

- Implemented Engine Start/Stop, Pawn Hit, and Horn sounds
- Implemented new electric Scooter motor sound
- Implemented reverse sounds

Tire tracks as well as the scooter impact effects and sounds will be a part of the next patch

- Audio Sliders!

You will now be able to adjust individual sound groups via their respective audio sliders. We also implemented some 'preview' sound effects that will play when you start modifying the sliders for convenience.

Note: VOIP slider and 'Display Subtitles' tickbox don't serve any purpose right now.

- More ambient sounds


- Improved sidewalks (They are now smoother and blend better with the environment)
- Improved the look of Cliffs

Next update will see significant improvements in this area, stay tuned!

- Improved area around the road that leads to the Job Agency, and made small improvements to the area surrounding Anu’s Inn
- Improved areas around the Fire Station, MikeJ’s Bidet Store, Arcade and Clock Tower
- Started improving Police Station interior
- Increased the size of the revolver
- Changed font style/color on Classic P2 HUD
- Replaced various placeholder textures
- You will now be able to properly enter keypad codes with Menu Buttons (Keyboard/Gamepad)
- Dude-Eye: Implemented a target lost range. Basically if a marked target runs or you move too far out of range, then the target will be removed
- Updated "Close Phone" text


- Crash related to Dude-Eye meter
- Shadow smoothing on Beggar Sign
- Various mapping bugs that were reported on our Steam Forums
- Fixed keypad softlocking the game
- Dying in Penitentiary resulting in getting respawned in the wrong location and therefore breaking the errand
- Being able to mark animals and birds as Dude Eye targets. Currently they don't have proper heads or bones so that would've thrown the Revolver for a loop. You can still kill them for points though
Running With Scissors  [developer] Dec 22, 2019 @ 3:02pm 
Steam build Number:

'Spank Time' Update


- Implemented Scooter impact effects and sounds
- Implemented Dude Eye ‘Lock-on’ sound for the Revolver
- Implemented 'slap' sound effect for ‘Hand’ weapon
- Added minimum reversing speed before the reverse beep comes on
- Added binding for instantly opening ‘Phone Settings’ app
- Implemented new Cat Silencer sounds


- Updated to Unreal Engine 4.24
- Replaced placeholder sound for when you activate the Pilot Light on the Spurt’n’Squirt 9000
- Bystanders will now react to the Scooter horn and pawn collisions
- Scooter now applies the brakes when the player jumps out
- Made sure that the sounds occluded correctly in certain buildings
- Made further improvements to the Police Station building (Getting ready for the Police system)


- Certain assets not using correct textures
- ‘Fullscreen’ crash - upgraded to a new engine version
- Health Pipe not playing exhale effects
- Energy Drink and Vitamin X activation sounds
- Bug where the Urethra no longer regenerated urine passively
- Pawns spawning at odd angles
- Some tire particles spawning in the wrong direction
- Radio playing during cutscenes
- Few other crashes that were reported on the Steam Forums
marciN  [developer] Feb 12, 2020 @ 6:04pm 
Steam build Number:

'Holy ♥♥♥♥, it’s been a month since the last update' Update

WARNING: This Update includes A Lot of new cool stuff but it does not include any significant performance updates. In fact, in some areas it’s probably worse than the last build in terms of FPS (although there should be fewer instances of hitching). We focused on new content at the expense of performance. Now it is VERY IMPORTANT that we get this sorted out ASAP! Henceforth, we will be focusing our ENTIRE TEAM on optimization for as long as it takes to improve the janky ass framerate and remove all the major hitching present in the build.

Typically we’d have done this later in development but early access changed that. We want everyone to have a smooth experience. We will get this janky game running smoothly before pushing forward with adding more significant new features. Thanks for your understanding and support!

Happy Valentines


- New FOV menu with Vertical FOV setting
- Proper support for Ultra-wide aspect ratio
- Basic police system! You can now get arrested and sent to the police station. There are still ways to go in this area as this system will be greatly expanded upon in future updates
- Civvie11 as Edensin’s resident crack dealer!
- Asphalt and water skidding and tire rolling sounds for Scooter
- New character heads and skins
- Pickup notifications
- NPC Head and eye tracking, and Blinking
- New neck bleeding particle and behavior
- Implemented a limb blood stream for severed limbs
- New fiery trail for Molotov as well as new Molotov fire spreading code and particles
- Ability to pickup dropped grenades
- Implemented Free Mouse selection on the Weapon Wheel and ability to toggle the Weapon Wheel (Accessible from 'Gameplay' settings)
- Implemented turn multiplier for the Hose and Vitamin X Urethra - this will make the streams feel “heavier”
- More songs to the Radio
- New extending and folding animations for the Baton
- Money display to Phone screen
- Pressure indicator for the Hose
- Killer Crocs to the Pump Room in Sewers
- Urethra cosmetics - You will now be able to select between five different urethra cosmetics (Ranging from the classic black bar to a hot-dog emoji). You can switch between them by selecting the 'Urethra' weapon from the 'Weapons' app in your Phone
- New Skybox!
- More NPC's to previously empty areas
- Two new side-errands!

Volunteer Firefighter:

On Monday, after the Dude receives his tasks from the job agency, he receives a Mayoral Alert on his phone. It turns out the town’s fire station is on fire! With no fireman having stepped foot into Edensin in the last 40 years, a call for volunteer firemen (or firewomen) has been put out to the public. It’s none of the Dude’s business, but hey, there’s a small paying bonus if you do it!

Art Dealer:

On any day of the week, the Dude may enter the local art gallery which he initially discovers is completely devoid of any artwork on display. However, the proprietor beckons the Dude to accept a job for her. The dealer asks if he’ll go around town finding any special purple-framed paintings, part of the so-called “Royale Collection” that she’s after, and deliver them to her to put on the exhibition. Each delivered painting will yield a cash reward, and even dupes will pay out a smaller reward. Upon delivering a full set, the Dude will get a large bonus as well. Better get exploring if you want that fat cash reward!

We were planning on putting out three side-errands, but unfortunately one of them wasn’t quite ready to go. It should be going out soon though, stay tuned!


- Many fire particle effects
- Level design focusing on the cliff faces around the starting area and the more empty areas
- Increased the sounds of bullet impacts
- Improved Pigeon Mine sound effects
- General lighting improvements
- Weapon switching now remembers the last weapon used for each weapon slot
- Category sublist on the Weapon Wheel will now fade out when out of focus
- The Dude now bleeds blood, not concrete dust
- Adjusted the Pistol reload sounds to better sync with the animations
- Pilot light on the Spurt’n’Squirt 9000 is now extinguished when firing fluids
- Improved fire extinguish smoke particle
- Bystanders will now emit smoke when tazered
- Improved the Tazer shock particles
- Refined the Spurt’n’Squirt 9000 Flamethrower particle and projectile code
- Remade the entrance to Sewers with much better models
- Replaced more placeholder assets
- Normalized in-game dialog
- Improved road collision, so now NPC's don't clip and the scooter is smoother
- Improved the look of sidewalks (Added more detail)
- Removed placeholder paintings in certain buildings, replaced with proper art
- Major improvements to Fire Station and Clock Tower buildings
- Updated the Credits screen (It looks much sleeker now)
- Moved the Dude’s third person camera back an extra meter
- Increased the scale of Grenade pickups and projectiles
- Updated cutscenes to get rid of random looping sounds
- QoL improvements to the Radio system: “Now Playing” messages, added a button to advance to the next track


- Various mapping bugs (Floating assets, holes in terrain, certain meshes lacking collision)
- Fixed up the AK muzzle flash so it better syncs when firing
- Not being able to kick NPCs in the nuts!
- Cat Chute trigger to check only for the actual cat inventory items and not the dead dogs
- Desert Eagle not playing its reload sounds
- Animal spawners spawning at the start of the game as opposed to at the start of Animal Catcher cutscene
- HUD not being visible when driving the Scooter
- Car alarms not triggering
- Fixed several animations with broken fingers
- Fixed 'interact' icon not displaying properly on one of the keypads
- Fixed Flamethrower projectiles going through walls
- Infinite water sounds when dying in water
- Slap sound effects playing when hitting thin air
- Fixed Game Menu disappearing if Save/Load menus was selected while a Save/Load menu was open already
- Crashes related to the Subtitle system (As well as other crashes that were reported on our Steam Forums)
marciN  [developer] Mar 13, 2020 @ 6:56am 
Steam build Number:

'Smack My Hitch Up!' Update

You wanted performance improvements? You have them! As promised, we put pretty much the entire team onto the task of optimization for a few weeks. This process is still ongoing, and future updates will improve things further, but for now, you should have a much more enjoyable experience with this update in the way of higher framerates and far less hitching.

Many new features and improvements, too!

Note: Older saves will not work with this new update. They will be marked as red and should be deleted. Future updates should not break older saves - this is a one off thing.


- Bystander Deathcrawling: There are currently two ways they can get to it: by being lit on fire and left to burn out or by begging for their life and still being attacked
- Deathcrawl-after-ragdoll: if a pawn is 20% health or less, or they were kicked with Vitamin X, they'll go into deathcrawl when they recover from being ragdolled
- Stumble animation, when a pawn runs for a certain distance they will stumble and stop to catch their breath
- Machete charging sound
- New faces on more Male pawns
- Third-person animations for GasCan, Urethra, Pigeon Mine, Grenade and Beggar Sign (also TP fixes - see fixed section for more details)
Proper controller support: Map screen navigation with gamepad analog, navigation for inventory tab of phone, tab switching on map screen and more!
- New loading screen transition after Dude gets arrested
- Load zones! Due to absolutely no demand, a feature form POSTAL 2 has made a return! They are far quicker with fewer of them compared to P2 though, so they probably need a rebranding… lets call them ‘ZAP ZONES’*

*ZAP ZONES are hopefully only a temporary solution to the level hitching issues in POSTAL 4 and we aim to reintroduce full level steaming in the future when we’re doing our final optimizations. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree the trade off is worth the results in the here and now.


- Optimization improvements. We still have some way to go but you should see some notable improvements to the frame rate in some of the worst areas, and the hitching/stuttering that randomly happened has been mostly eliminated
- Scooter’s hill climbing capabilities and handling
- Improved sidewalk transition near the Job Agency
- Audio quality of radio songs
- Increased the top speed of the Scooter slightly
- Made improvements to the IK system - NPCs will now walk up stairs/hills/steep sidewalks more naturally
- Gap between neck spout particle and NPC’s neck
- Replaced more placeholder textures
- Text/Event messages for things like pickups will now be combined, not duplicated, when multiple items are collected at once
- Weapon wheel can now switch weapons and ammo types simultaneously
- Replaced certain foliage meshes with better looking/optimized versions
- Reduced the self hit pitch for all of our fluid weapons, meaning it’s never been easier to piss yourself out when on fire!
- Adjusted window opacity settings


- Broken 'Controls Binding' menu
- Broken 'Post Process' and 'AA' method scrollboxes
- Broken motion blur setting
- Cat petting state transition not factoring the slowdown from Catnip
- Weapon flicker when changing weapons while under Catnip
- NPCs not reacting correctly to Dude carrying dismembered body parts
- Certain sound effects not respecting Audio slider settings
- Various assets that didn’t have a texture assigned
- Not being able to explode Civvie’s noggin or dismember him
- Flamethrower sound effect not looping correctly
- Third-person camera going through walls
- Third-person melee animations playing on the whole body as opposed to just the upper body
- Erroneous “Save Exists” prompt when saving
- Issue with the Save Menu where you couldn’t save over old slots
- Customers not looking at the cashier
- Generic paintings appearing behind Shady Art Dealer paintings
- Couple terrain dips for better NPC navigation
- Word wrapping/formatting issues with Firefighter side-errand
- Controller issues in the various game menus
- Ton of mapping bugs that were reported on our Janky community forums (
- Long pause that was that was happening in the Main Menu when you opened the game
- NPCs sometimes being able to fire weapons without limbs
- Having to mash 'Spacebar' multiple times to skip cinematics
- NPCs getting stuck in continuous loop after being hit with SnS9000 Urine
- Dude’s ERC Tower remark replaying after going back to starting area
- Dude switching to last weapon used after holstering Urethra weapon
- NPCs who belong to the same faction turning on each other when receiving damage (Police)
- Art Dealer head/eyes not tracking player correctly
- Pickup sounds for Dogs and Cats
- Dude icon not showing on Map Screen
- Cell Door sound playing when Police Station level loads
marciN  [developer] Apr 10, 2020 @ 9:04am 
Steam build Number:

'Fresh paint and happy asses' Update


- The highly requested mini-map has now been implemented!

Note: You can adjust the mini-map transparency in 'Gameplay' settings!

- Improved Art style

In an ongoing effort to improve the look of the game, we’ve given many of the assets an overhaul (notably, the terrain and rocks), and implemented subtle lines around world objects. We’ve also given the map screen a new coat of paint.

We've also added various switches under 'Map Tools'. You'll be able to enable/disable the mini-map, errand and side-quest icons as well as the POI icons. Once we implement waypoint markers, you'll be able to switch them on and off too.

- Rabbits! It’s Easter, after all. More wildlife will come in future updates
- Toggle for silencing the game during focus loss (ALT+TAB)
- New MikeJ’s Bidet store
- Due to the current Pigeona virus crisis, Local Edensin Officials have supplied civilians with an unlimited supply of face mask
- NPC Coughing animations
- Third-person Kick animations
- ‘Shadow distance’ setting in Performance menu
- A Vitamin X vender to the Circle J and a Pizza Vender to Pistolas e Tacos


- Level design improvements to Skylift and Prison areas
- Tweaked Walk up/down animations on NPCs so they look better walking up hills
- Reduced the recoil when dual wielding weapons, mostly for the AK
- Tightened the way the player’s speed is applied to a fluid trail to minimize the particle gap
- Landscape overhaul (Added better looking cliff/rock models)
- Improved Art Gallery building
- Zap-zone loading screen is now less intrusive
- Added new cat silencer attach sound effect
- Improved AI navigation
- Replaced Art Dealer frames with better models
- Quality of Catnip effect texture
- Improved performance in Penitentiary (Ongoing)
- Updated phone notification texture
- Optimized various sounds to be more efficient
- Updated Overhead map texture
- Spurt’n’Squirt will now be in Flamethrower mode by default
- Blood splats will now fade away in 30 seconds
- Tweaked Pistol/Revolver TP offset

===Ongoing performance improvements===

- Optimized NPC hair and boltons to use fewer draw calls
- Improved performance in Police Station

Note: a bigger performance push is coming in an upcoming update that should see across the board improvements


- Bug that was causing NPCs to freeze and not move until disturbed
- Bug that was causing directional hurt indicator to not indicate correctly where the damage was coming from
- An oversight where the left weapon when dual wielding is reversed
- Left hand when dual wielding appearing in third person
- Third person weapon offsets
- Non-functional ladder in Scooter Store
- Revolver getting stuck when fan firing with a cat silencer
- NPCs stumbling / running out of breath too often
- Broken Art Dealer painting in Anu’s Inn
- Art Dealer paintings despawning
- Ambient in Prison sounds not playing
- Players sometimes spawning inside of terrain after loading to last checkpoint
- Radio sometimes not playing the next song right away
- Large variety of mapping bugs
- Molotov fire not being able to be extinguished
- Grenades not being removed when simply dropping them
- Spurt’n’Squirt9000 not firing properly based on ammo types
- Road texture leading to Prison
- NPC walk animations going out of sync (Arms and legs)
- Various crashes
- Not being able to put out fires using the Urethra
- Collision on a lot of assets
- Radio not playing the next song in certain cases
- NPC freezing in place
- Taser leaving bullet holes on Bystanders
- Dude hands not being attached correctly to Scooter handle in third person
- NPC corpses causing audio spam with doors
- Animations jittering
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