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wsc150 May 3 @ 5:43pm 
You are not guaranteed to get the same followers in the same order every time (i.e. there is some randomness), but from experience the way it works is:

-there are 8 unique followers total

-they all spawn during the game every time, you just have to be patient and meticulous if you want them all in the same run

-if you refuse one, they will leave and you cannot get them again in this lifetime

-4 of them (sniper, warrior, medic, sneak) simply show up at your base asking to join. You just have to wait/visit your base every so often. The fourth one took very long to show up, in fact it showed up after I finished the main objectives in the game

-4 of them (curser, ritualist, monk, possessed) are found in quest locations. There is one quest location in the Flats (it's northeast of your base), one in the Peaks (area immediately east of flats, the location is pretty close to the boundary from the flats), one in the Prairies (area immediately east of Peaks by the railroad tracks north of the corrupted outpost), and one in the tornado zone (close to the boundary from the Prairies)

In theory you could rush and get 4 followers super quick from knowing the quest locations, but if you want the other 4 you really just have to wait and check your base.

Note that if you are really lacking a construction worker (i.e. didn't get lucky from the dropins, the sniper and the warrior are builders), the monk is one so you should check the four fixed "quest" locations to find him.
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Who is the Adept Woodcutter please?
Noraksa May 3 @ 7:35pm 
Gani or Vic one of them should have that skill.
Do the skills change on followers each playthrough? As i have Gani but no adept woodcutting, and havent found Vic yet.
wsc150 May 3 @ 8:13pm 
Jin (monk) and Vic (curser) are both woodcutters so check the 4 fixed locations on the map.

Additionally Rhyme (sneak) is a woodcutter but she's one of those you have to wait to show up at camp.

There might be another but if you need one in a hurry check the four fixed locations for Jin or Vic.
Thanks for the useful info. Am down to one life on this playthrough, so i suspect it will be more help on the next.
wsc150 May 4 @ 1:08am 
A little bit more detail on how follower recruiting works; this is from my most recent experiment and it seems that the interval to check for a follower showing at your camp is 24 hours. The game I don't think (if I missed something let me know) gives you an easy way to tell if 24 hours have passed, but that's what I measured by resting a lot. The important takeaway is: check your base camp at least once every 24 hours for follower event.

That does not mean a new follower will show up every 24 hours, but the game checks every 24 hours to see if it wants to do that.

Here is where things get a little interesting: the data I collected suggests that whenever you have a follower talk to you and develop a relationship, this resets the 24 hour cooldown, and also these talks take priority over a new face showing up. In other words, if you have a lot of followers already and are developing their morale constantly, you have you to go through all their dialogues before you get the opportunity to have a new follower show up at the camp.

I think you do also have to have one follower before the visitor ones can start showing up.

If you are achievement hunting and want all the followers, the 4 visiting ones are the most annoying to wait for so you can use this knowledge by just getting 1 follower to begin with, then check your camp every 24 hours for new faces. Once you've gotten all the new faces (which may take a while since you develop relationship and this halts more new faces coming in) then you can go for the fixed location followers.
Gani is bug for me ... she disappeared when we were returning to the camp and never reappeared anywhere
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