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Nitrous Butterfly  [developer] Oct 19, 2017 @ 8:27am
Test Builds - Read First
Howdy Folks!

The Test Build Branch is no longer used, but this forum group is still here for legacy reasons. New builds of the game will use the experimental branch for testing and, once ready, will go to the main branch for everyone. Thanks everyone for the great feedback and support. :)

Before major updates are released for everyone, they will first be available in the optional testing branch on Steam so that users have the opportunity to help test the latest content before it goes live to the main branch. If you’re interested in testing out the latest content and want to help track down bugs and issues then please continue reading.

What Is The Test Build Branch?
The Test Build Branch is a separate version of the game under Steam that you can choose to opt in to. The Test Build branch is available before major updates are released. The goal of the Test Build branch is to resolve bugs/glitches before it goes live for everyone.

This is a great way, for those interested, to help test new updates to the game and work out any critical issues before it goes live for everyone.

How Do I Access The Testing Branch
  • Open your Steam Library
  • Right click on Mercury Fallen in your Steam game library list and select Properties
  • Click the Betas tab
  • In the drop down choose “testbuild - Test Build Branch”
  • Beta Access Code not required. Leave field blank.

Steam should automatically start downloading the latest test build, if available. If Steam does not start downloading the test build immediately click “Verify Integrity Of Game Files...” under the Local Files tab.

Bug Reporting
Report all bugs/suggestions/feedback related to the current testing branch in the Test Builds discussion thread or in the test-build channel on Discord. Please be as detailed as possible when reporting bugs/issues so that I can duplicate the issue. I'm always looking for general game play feedback so let me know what you like and what you don't.

General Bug Reporting Info

Important Notes
You can revert back to the main branch of the game by opting out of the Test Build branch under the Beta tab. Saved games created in the testing branch may not work with the main release version if there have been substantial changes between versions.

Only opt-in to the testbuild branch if you want to deal with potential game breaking bugs and help test the latest content.
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it says it needs a password
Nitrous Butterfly  [developer] Feb 25, 2018 @ 10:40am 
Originally posted by anthonyrobertsmagic:
it says it needs a password
No password required. You can leave the password field blank.
Sticky Wicket Aug 26, 2019 @ 8:33am 
Where are saves kept to make backups?
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Nitrous Butterfly  [developer] Aug 26, 2019 @ 8:48am 
Originally posted by Sticky Wicket:
Where are saves kept to make backups?
Save file location shown in the following link regarding bug reporting. Thanks for the question. Post updated to include this.
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