Mercury Fallen

Mercury Fallen

Colonists/Bots Idling
It still bothers me to no end that we only have three slots to assign work priorities to colonists/bots, and when there's nothing to do that matches these categories, they will idle - rather than help their colleagues with other tasks.

This is especially annoying when at the same time you have some kind of emergency, or a new extensive building project, where you want all free hands on deck.

Not sure what the best solution to this would be - just having them do any odd job might be ill-advised, lest they break machinery or waste precious resources because they happen to be as dumb as a slice of toast.

Maybe some separate slots - up to three should be enough - of stuff to do when idle? Though I guess I'd prefer a system where we can just assign an "idle priority" to _all_ task categories (with the option "nope; leave this to the skilled folks")

While we're at it, a global "emergency slot" would also come in handy, that - if used - has priority BEFORE the colonists'/bots' individual jobs.

Yes, of course you can always re-assign individual work priorities as needed to achieve the effect, but I prefer to leave my colonists' priorities alone, lest I forget what I really want them to do on a day-to-day basis.

It would also be neat if a "what to do when idle" system would also cover things like exercising, or just relaxing.