Mercury Fallen

Mercury Fallen

Seeds and other things
Is there a future use for seeds? Not the half a dozen new seeds, but the 350 potato seeds and 200 hemp seeds.

Anthracite. Can you move it to MINERAL and get rid of FUEL. It`s not just fuel, it`s a mineral ingredient (Silicon Carbide and Steel Billet for example). Or keep it in FUEL, but add to MINERAL also.

The small rectangle in the surface mini-map needs to be down sized to about 25% of its current size. If you scroll up to the right hand corner you will see what I mean.

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I've found that by reducing potato plants -etc- you subsequently get a reduction in available seeds - so it seems to be another balancing task if you want to maintain control.. but you may end up running out of cooked food if you take your eye off the ball for too long - as I've discovered a few times..
As for the small rectangle in the surface mini-map, I haven't seen that.
I've tried to reduce the odd anomaly (?) by verifying the game file each time I pick up the game afresh...No idea if it really works.
I do like Anthracite as a separate item - I use a heck of a lot of power generators :)
femmfa Sep 26 @ 7:45pm 
Seed pate` would be great, I have thousands of seeds that are taking up a lot of storage space.
@draughtman The white rectangle on the surface mini map that represents your view on the big surface map is way larger than your actual view. Its huge. By its representation, I should be seeing about a fifth of the world on my large view.

I too like anthracite, its just way down the list under FUEL, that`s all. I`d like to see it under MINERAL also. It`s a resource on the surface that I mine along with the others.

@femmfa Exactly.
Boogey Sep 28 @ 10:59am 
Hmm, experiments with greenhouses and planting seeds on the surface could be quite fun. If you'd succeed, you'd have a massive automated production of a plant..

Surface compost facility wouldn't be too bad for creating soil for the greenhouses. From seeds and other plant based material.
Anything on the surface would be fun. Would let the colonists run around and build things.
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