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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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copperwheel Nov 23, 2018 @ 1:19pm
very laggy linux performance
I'm running this on a (gaming) laptop and experiencing lag. it's not unplayably bad, but it's quite annoying.

just wondering if anyone else is seeing this and if there are any performance suggestions.

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Julius Borisov  [developer] Nov 23, 2018 @ 1:48pm 
We suggest trying to turn off all post-process shaders, and check FPS again.

Also, you can try different settings for this game via your grahics card panel.

Also, check out this:
copperwheel Nov 23, 2018 @ 4:23pm 
i'm not sure what the "post-process shaders" are. There's nothing listed as such on the video options.

are you talking about things like dynamics lights, shadow casting lights, anti-aliasing, etc...?

also, it turns outh that the fairy dragon is a large part of the problem, so the glitter removal helped quite a bit.
Tesseract Nov 23, 2018 @ 4:24pm 
Post-processing shaders are the settings like vibrance and depth of field.
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