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module problem
my self made module does not show up in the module list , in game.

it does show up in the documents folder of linux.
and it does show in the editor.

however i'm unable to launch my map,it only runs one time through the test map option.
then i have to restart my pc to get it to work again.
i cannot launch it from within the play/test it.
can some one help me fix my problem?
just want to make some modules.
kinda a waste of time ( making maps ),if i cant play them.
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so i fixed my problem of the module not showing up...
its saved in the wrong folder,so i moved it from /home/$user/Documents/Neverwinter/modules.

now it shows in game,but when i try to launch it,i cant press play,it sais its corrupted or something.
IF you create a new module you got the same problem ?
Try to this, Verify all your area;s in the module.
Use a test run and if this works go back the game menu and now try to load it.
IF you still get a errror it will seems you got a techical promblem.

ty for your response,
i have fixed my problem,i reinstalled the game...
the problem was that,i'm on Linux.
so the modules where saved in home/documents ( cause of wine ) instead of .local/documents.
my file was corrupted,this problem was fixed when i made a new module,after reinstall.
I have not have take the lore skill for linux.
So i did not know how to solve some like that for linux. I happy for you you did fix the problem.
And no thanks is needed. Just have fun with create your own modules from now on.
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