Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Long Load Screens
Just got a new PC recently; and have felt like playing Recettear.
However on my new PC every couple loading screens, usually when going into a dungeon
or returning to your shop, sometimes even just when going into the menu,
the loading screens take much much longer than usual.
Usually upwards of 60 seconds.

I never had this issue on my old PC, and that one was inferior, so I'm not sure what the
problem could be.
I've checked through my Nvidia settings, and have tried Compatiblity modes (XP) on/off and
running the game as Administrator, but they don't seem to help.

I'm running the game on the highest settings; in configuration resolution highest, fps 60,
and no graphic settings checked (disabled.)
I never have any framerate issues, neither did my old PC, so I haven't felt I needed to disable
any settings. I tried 'low processing mode' or whatever it was called, but that didn't help
and made it so I couldn't see any customers in the store.

Anyways I thought I'd post in case someone had this issue before and fixed it, or someone
has an idea how I might fix it.
I can live with long loading screens, and have already played 8+ hours since yesterday.
But on my old PC the load screens were nearly instant, and it would be nice like that again.

My PC Specs:
Windows 7 x64 Home Premium
Intel Core i5-2500K Quad @3.3 Ghz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti

[My Old PC For Reference:]
Windows 7 x64 Home Premium
Intel Core2 Quad @2.3 Ghz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 460
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Did you update your drivers? Are you using Google Chrome? Did you delete system32?
For some reason the upscaling done while running the game in fullscreen causes this problem. I let Carpe Fulgar know of the problem back in 2010, but it looks like they didn't (or couldn't) fix it.

Running the game in windowed mode remedies this issue.

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Ok I managed to fix the issue for myself.

All I had to do was switch the resolution to 1024x768.

Before I was playing at 1280x960; and the load screens were getting pretty unbearable.
Doing the boss runs in the dungeons was torcherous because I had to wait through a 5 minute load screen between every boss.

Today I decided to try 1024x768 and was very suprised when there was virtually no load screens at all. The game loads so fast I barely have time to see the load screens, even in the dungeons.
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