Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

MyMouse 26 Set, 2013 às 5:49
A business creation sandbox simulator game I'm making
I will soon create a new project on Steam Greenlight but I still haven't decided on a name yet, could you give me your opinion? I have a list of possible names in my page, please take a look

My next game I'm working with my team it's about creating startups and small businesses. It's related to Recettear since it's about businesses and a life simulator, which is why I am posting the news here, I think you might be interested in it.

Right now it's on pre production phase, which is why I am asking for your input as I produce material for it, including mockup screenshots I have made so far, please visit my facebook page and let me know your opinions, thanks!.

Also follow me on twitter for news about it's production:

Thanks a lot!.

Here is more info on the subjects game will tackle, each part would be a detailed mechanic which will have an effect on the overall simulation of the in-game-world:

A game of life, where you have your own in-game character, living
with his family, you need to manage your time, and organize your
life, your stress, your education, and your effectiveness in your
business by using your in-game schedule and calendar.

Take care of your relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, society, etc. If you spend too much time at work, you
won't have time for family time.

You can choose how to live your private life, where and how to spend your money.

Contact people, consultants, services, distributors, marketing, partners, negotiate and makes deals with them to work together.

Manage and make contracts with services, other people, employees, etc.

Evaluate and choose employees, and asign them to whatever job you choose in your company. Create the company hierarchy.

Organize, control, and manage employees.

Systemic loop diagrams to show the processes and activities of your business. It shows the realtime inner workings of your business.

Work flow diagrams. Shows a detail of the activities and actions of a particular worker.

Maps that shows different data of the context of where you live and relating to how your businesses influence society.

Keep track and work on legal and law matters.

Control of spending, finances, earnings, flow of money, etc.

Measuring of diferent variables of your business, money, times of processes, quality of production or service, client satisfaction, etc.

Study of the market to obtain and maintain clients and other purposes.

Get financing, create business plans, get help from incubators, acelerators, investors, get loans from banks or other mediums, etc.

Research and development of business ideas and products.

Buying and selling of real state using a world and city map.

Manage transport times.

Events and news that affect the world and your business.
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