Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Won the game XD, More of me being happy inside!
1st time, no dream of poor Recette in a box, yes! Had to sell my entire misc. inventory to uy stuff that turned into gold the day the debt was due! really only ever used Louie in the dungeon though but I got his card at the end....

And then the credits O_o
I missed alot of scenes apparently... but when I first saw Recette in that box eve nif it was just a dream I was determined to make sure she never had that dream re-loaded and payed the debt off. In my defense I was 97pix off the payment! Aghghgh!!!! Couldn't tear have taken some of my inventory for 97pix?!

And now I know that I missed many tales.... well!

That was a quick glanec at recraptors Recettear: An Item Shops Tale...

And now to find the tales I missed. Horray for mismanaging paperwork!

Capitalism! Ho!
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